Phranang Peninsula, Krabi 2008 – Climbing – Part II

Other than Dum’s Kitchen, we climbed the following walls too.

Tyrolean Wall

This was one of the walls I climbed when I was sick. Nothing to shout about save for a great view of Tonsai Beach from the top!

Sun block overdose…

Thaiwand Wall
To reach Thaiwand Wall, we had to take a 15 minutes hike up a hill which is located at the end of West Railey beach.

The climbs were quite enjoyable and the view was spectacular. Anna climbed up one of the routes and anchored herself up with her camera. She took loads of great shots from up there!

I was told that some acquaintances saw the waves striking West Railey during the Tsunami tragedy from Thaiwand Wall. They were fortunate to be up there during that time.
But the drawback of Thaiwand Wall is that it was too sandy and dusty. Our gears were literally covered with sand when we left.

Muay Thai Wall

Muay Thai Wall is located at East Railey. I kinda dislike East Railey cause of the flies. We had breakfast around that area before our climb and we had flies everywhere!! The flies were trying to invade our food!

And while climbing at the beachside, we had flies perching on us! NIAMAH!!

We moved into the forest to escape the flies. Fortunately, there were no flies in the forest. They have 2 easy 6A and 6B routes. The 6B route was a little bit tricky as some of us swung out from the rocks. Steve and I both hit a tree. Thank god I didn’t fracture my tailbone.

There is another 6 grade route. However, when Ping tried climbing the route, he had to come down cause he realised it didn’t have an anchor!

Got place to meditate too!

Defile Wall

Defile Wall is located at Phranang Beach. The area has couple of nice rock formation.

One of the surfaces of the walls
Defile Wall houses a nice 25 meter 6A+ route called Mai Pen Rai. The first three bolts are pretty tough and handholds are mostly sharp crimps.

The rest of the route consists of jugs. By the time I reach the last few bolts, my mind kept thinking… “What if my harness breaks now? What if I slip and fall all the way down?? What if whattt ifff wtfff!!!”.

Here we climbed with one Canadian by the name Dan. He is one of those many travellers who come to Krabi alone and find their climbing mates here.

It was getting dark and Dan was eager to climb thee Mai Pen Rai route before leaving. He grabbed his headgear light and scaled up the wall. It was almost completely dark. All we could see was a dot of light up on the wall!