Fukuoka, Japan – 2012 – The City

This post has been long pending. I finally found time to complete this!

These few weeks I’ve been busy with my new firm. In fact, you’ll find more updates at my blawg than here.

The Fukuoka City that I know is a quiet city. It’s unlike Tokyo and it’s not buzzing with activities. Probably it’s because I was only there for a day on a weekday. It’s a mixture of old and new buildings.

Most of the buildings are in dull colours. Yawn.

Eeny Meeny Miny Mo is a shopping centre.

I spent the entire day in the city with my new friend, Indian lawyer Chander. We roamed around the city on foot so that we can see the city in detail. But we stopped by a few places for a break.

At one of our many breaks.

Gaythri highly recommended that we head to Ichiran for their to-die-for ramen. In Ichiran, you can custom make your ramen by filling up a questionnaire requesting precisely how they want your noodles prepared. Flavour strength, fat content, noodle tenderness, quantity of special sauce and garlic content can all be regulated. An English language request form is also available.

Explaining how Ichiran works.

Each patron is given a private cubicle to consume his or her ramen. It’s you and your ramen having a good time together.

Me and the bowl before our sexy time.

My, my..how you doing.

I must say this ramen is extremely delicious. I’ve never tried anything like this before! Pork melts in your mouth! ARGH!

We continued roaming the city on foot after our delicious meal.

For dinner, we chose a place randomly. However, I realise that it’s the same place I went when I was in Tokyo many years ago. I remember it serving good food and indeed they serve good food in this branch. Japanese quality never fails!

With my rusty Japanese, I managed to order a few good sashimi to be shared between me and Chander.

Chander and me

We had a little problem getting back to our hotel. Our hotel bus was no where to be seen. We decided to take a train home. It wasn’t easy as we were merely guessing our way home. We asked for directions from the locals. I must say that the Japanese, when it comes to giving directions, is extremely helpful. They personally brought us our location even though it took more than 10 minutes to get there!

After more than an hour, we found our way to the hotel. We had to walk to the train station. It was almost pitch black and extremely cold.

I wish I had more time to explore Fukuoka especially the countryside. Let’s hope there will be another opportunity like this again!