San Francisco 2011 – Cycling – San Francisco City

Jetty back to the city. Got to see the Alcatraz

Upon reaching the jetty, we had to cycle back to Blazing Sandals to return our bicycles before closing time. But before doing so, we cycled around the city.

It was no easy task. The roads were extremely hilly. My thighs were about to explode but I pushed on.

Lady saying Hi! XD

We cycled to Lombardi Street, a well known street famous for its steep road with eight sharp turns. It’s a perfect place for pictures.

Our last stop was Blazing Sandals’ bicycle depot. This was where we returned our bicycle. It came with a “FINISH LINE” banner.

Upon returning our bicycles, we headed back to our hotel for a quick rest before dinner. It was a rather quiet dinner as everyone was tired. We bade farewell to each other and vowed to keep in touch.

It’s been almost 3 months since this cycling trip. I haven’t spoke to them since. So much for keeping in touch. XD