Barossa Valley, Australia 2009

[Note: Last entry for my Melbourne and Adelaide trip!]

A day after the wedding, Joe and Vivian brought us to the Barossa Valley, a place well known for its vineyards.


The drive there took us less than an hour. However, we reached there quite late and our only available choice was Jacob’s Creek.

Wine tasting was free and a menu was provided to us to choose our wines.

Some tasted good and some tasted terrible. One even tasted like tit tar chau (Chinese medicated oil, usually used to rub bruises).

If it taste bad…spit it heree..heehee

My personal favourite is the moscato, a sweet sparkling white wine best served chilled.

Sparkling red Shiraz. I’m not a big fan of red wine though. It all happened when I downed a bottle and had it coming out from my nose.

Other than wine tasting, the place also offers a scenic and picturesque wine of the vineyard and its hilly surroundings.

After Jacob’s Creek, we made a trip to the Whispering Wall. The Whispering Wall is actually a reservoir by the name Barossa Reservoir.

If you stand at one end of the dam, you can actually heard the voice of another person clearly at the other end. It was as if the person is standing next to you!

Dont put your ears too close to the wall otherwise you will get these creepy crawlies into your ears.

The end!