Greetings from New York City!

After a grueling 24 hours journey, I am finally in New York City. It was a long and painful flight. The crying babies aggravated the discomfort.

The non-stop journey started when I realised at 8pm, Saturday night that my flight is at 2am, Sunday and not 2pm which I initially thought! I was supposed to attend Frank’s birthday dinner but had to cancel it because I haven’t finish packing yet! A once again saved me by helping me to pack. After packing, I realise that I didn’t book a place to stay in NYC on the 16th night because I thought I’ll arrive on 17th. I was sooo busy the entire week until I didn’t have the time to sort out my schedule!

So A and I scrambled to find a place to stay. The hostel that I booked didn’t have vacancy on the 16th. The other hostels were charging over US90 a night! Fortunately, Timothy Tiah offered his place for me to bunk for a night! *phew*

I had to transit in Dubai airport for 3 hours. Dubai airport has a long strech of duty free shops. I was there at 4am Dubai time and the place was packed. Even men have to line up to use the toilet. I bought myself a cup of coffee and roamed around for 3 hours. The place had enough things to entertaint me for 3 hours.

More updates soon!