I’ve been an avid reader of comics since I was young. This hobby of mine continued until today. I probably have few thousand comics in my room ranging from Japanese manga to local comics such as Gila-gila. However, I have limited my range to focus on Japanese manga. Unfortunately, my Mandarin is not good hence I had to rely on translated Japanese manga, done by local companies, such as Kreko, Arena and Umbra.
Recently, I found one website with all my favourite Japanese manga translated into English i.e. I got so hooked on it until there was once I surfed the website from 3pm to 3am the next day O_O
In light of my new found media, I decided to dispose my collection of Kreko, Arena and Umbra. I was planning to either sell it off to the local old-newspaper-guy or chuck it into one of the charity boxes around town. I managed to gather a few hundred old comics and tied them up. It came up to 5 or 6 stacks of comics around 3 – 4 feet.

Mum then told me that one of her friends is interested in disposing my old comics. I left them outside my porch for Mum’s friend to collect them.
On the next day…
Me: Mum! Your friend has collected the comics? I left them all outside the house and it’s not there anymore.
Mum: Huh? No, she didn’t. I didn’t call her.
Me: \(*O*)/
That’s Klang Valley for you! Theft in Klang Valley has become so rampant that the Malaysian Courts have taken such factor as consideration in sentencing a thief in Court. I’ve gotten my shoe, computer, television and clothes stolen.
There used to be a time where we used to hang our clothes outside the house. However, we stopped doing so after we find many of our clothes stolen, including my underwear O_O. And I thought this only happens in Japan.