Nimmanhaemin Road Food Guide

Wawee Coffee

Since I only slept an hour before my flight, I was dying to have coffee. We stopped by Wawee Coffee for their Wawee Coffee. It was thick and aromatic. Fueled me to walk around this place for hours.

Nimmanhaemin Soi 9

Nimmanhaemin Road Ice Cream

The highlight of Nimmanhaemin Road to me is probably is home made ice cream by Home Fresh. Their ice cream is sold at a house. You need to ring the doorbell for service.

Jack @ #277, Nimmanhaemin Soi 5 (B2)

It has numerous unique flavours such as mango sticky rice, pandamus with young coconut, toddy palm and red ruby. I went with mango sticky rice and I must say it was good. Never I had rice in my ice cream before! The texture is a little hard but you have to wait for it to melt a little to enjoy it.

#277, Nimmanhaemin Soi 5 (B2)

Khun Mor

Lunch at Nimmanhaemin Road was at Khun Mor’s Cuisine, a place recommended by a guide book.

I ordered Pad Thai. It was good save for the bloody bean sprouts. I hate them.

Jack ordered Khao Soi Kai which is Chiang Mai’s signature dish. It comes with deep fried egg noodles, chicken, pickled cabbage and lime. It taste like curry laksa to me.

As a side dish, we had Sai Aour, which looks like their well known dish. You can even buy a packet of it to cook at home. Sai Aour is basically spicy sausage. Taste good.

10/1, Nimmanhaemin Road