Hotlink’s People Powered Concert


Yuna, a Malaysian singer songwriter, is one of the many talents discovered over the social media. She was discovered through Myspace and subsequently signed up by a US record label.

If you’ve listen to her song but never seen her face before, you’ll be surprise.

You probably think that the artist is America. But in fact, Yuna is a tudong clad Malay girl.

My favourite song of Yuna is Come As You Are.

It gives me goose bumps! Kurt Cobain would be proud!

Other than English songs, Yuna is also well known for her Malay songs. Her song “Penakut” recently won the best song in the Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) 2011 but was revoked because of a mistake in the vote count. Doh.

Yuna is now back in the limelight with another news. Although Yuna now lives in the United States, she will be collaborating with Hotlink to bring Malaysia a concert. Her first online concert!

How does an online concert work? Well, it’s fairly simple. You first need to be a Maxis subscriber and then pre-book a spot at the Hotlink’s People Powered Concert. The registration can be done at the website where only 10,000 spots are available. The concert, to be held on 14 December will be streamed live on the website at exactly 8pm. Pre-booked viewers will have to logon between 7pm and 7.59pm to experience the exclusive viewing.

She will only sing when the 10,000 people signs up for the event! People please sign up!