Purina One – Picture of Health Contest – Part II

I used to have dogs when I was in primary school. It all started when a stray dog came to my house and gave birth to 10 puppies. We adopted the stray dog, which we named Lassie, and the puppies.

We eventually gave all the puppies away except two puppies named Pilot and Flower. That was in 1990. Lassie die a few months after giving birth. We adopted Pilot and Flower as our own.

Smiling Pilot

Angry Looking Flower

Pilot was my favourite. Flower on the other hand was an angry bully. Pilot eventually passed on but my parents hide her death from me. They said Pilot ran away. I didn’t know Pilot died years later.

I have now stopped rearing dogs. Mum now suddenly grown fond of cats. I have a few of them at home now. I hope Mum doesn’t turn into the cat lady in The Simpsons.

Anyway, do check out the doggie pictures posted by contestants on Purina One’s gallery. There are only 60 entries now. That’s like 1/60 chance of winning RM10,000!

If you’re thinking of posting an entry, you may consider doing the following:-

Add in some props like a hat

or a shirt

Also pose with Purina One like Charlie here.

Or do some stunts like this. This dog reminds me of Ping

Ong Bak!

Click the link below to join!

Take A Leash, Give A Life

In return of me posting the video of Jamie Toh’s magnificent feat of eating 10 raw sticks of siham (cockles), I have to post an entry for him regarding a dog adoption campaign called “Take A Leash, Give A Life” organised by SPCA, advertising agency Y&R, sponsors Purina and 1 Utama Shopping Centre. This is on top of the RM600 my friends and I paid him for the feat.

If you have missed the “Man eats 10 sticks of raw siham and survives” video, you can view it below.


Anyway, back to the campaign. Few weeks ago, the organisers embarked on the adoption campaign via a big billboard to encourage people to adopt at 1 Utama shopping centre during the weekend. Check out the pictures below.

People who visit the booth are encouraged to take home a leash which is given free. The idea is basically to get people to start thinking about adopting a dog. If you read the Star’s article about this campaign, there is one part saying that many people dump their dogs at SPCA because they couldn’t afford it. I wonder how these people could do that – to put their dogs away. When my dog died, I cried like a f*cking bitch.

This is Pilot. My parents hide her death from me after she died. They told me that she went missing. I only found out a few years later that she died. I didn’t have the chance to say goodbye.

When my colleague’s dog died, he skipped Court because he was too sad to go to Court and had to arrange for his dog’s burial. I had to go to Court for him at the 11th hour -_-

Love really has no boundaries.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a burial plot for your pet after its dies, you may consider Nirvana’s Pet Memorial Garden.

and then you can consider an obituary for it in The Star newspaper.

Back to the topic, people who are considering adopting a pet should also drop by the SPCA Selangor. The next adoption drive would be held in Tropicana City Mall on 23-24 April 2010.

For enquiries, contact SPCA’s team at 03-42535312 or e-mail enquiries@spca.org.my