Phuket, Thailand 2011

My firm had our company trip to Phuket, Thailand. We were there for two nights. It was rather short and we didn’t get to do much.

We stayed in Club Med, Karon, located far away from the night life district, Patong. Phuket is unlike the Thai beach resorts I visited before such Krabi and Koh Samui. It’s like Penang minus the tall buildings.

The highlight of this trip was the 24 hours tailoring services. I went to this shop by the name Andaman Boss Tailor. This place was recommended by Richard Wee. 3 of my colleagues, Eu Jin, Sara and Conrad also tagged along.

Guai lous with too much money to spend..

I got a tuxedo, two pair of pants, one shirt, a vest and a bow tie done for RM650. The price was a steal.

It was done within a day and we got our tailor to come to the hotel to do the fitting and even to deliver our suits. Service in the shop was excellent. Price is negotiable.

The quality of the suits was acceptable. For a one-day job, I don’t expect top quality. In fact, when we wanted the tailor to do the work faster, his answer was, “I can’t do a good job if I don’t have enough time”. I used the same line on a client to ask for more time and they gave me my extension. They even commented it was a good reason. The things I can learn from a tailor!

The only problem with this tailor is their reliability. They were not punctual and worst part of all is that they forgot my bow tie. They didn’t send it to me although they promised me. If you happen to be at Andaman Boss Tailor, please ask the owner, Kancha, where the hell is my bow tie.

1 Bang-la Road, T. Patong, A. Kathu, Phuket
Tel: 086 953 1464 / Fax 076-342879

The other thing I did out of the ordinary was taking one of the motorcycle taxis back to my hotel. I haven’t been on a motorcycle since high school and my balls shrank to a size of a peanut when I was on one.

Further, one of my arms was holding a bag and my arm was holding my iPad.

I didn’t have the chance to enjoy the beach. But from afar, the beach doesn’t seem attractive. Also, I didn’t see any remanences
from the tsunami attack years ago.

Overall, Phuket is just so-so. It’s a tourist trap. I guess I won’t make a trip to Phuket on my own anytime in the future.