Perth, Australia 2014 – Last Day

We spent couple of hours in Rockingham Mall, a mall nearby Mel and Tania’s place.

Wife wanted to do some last minute shopping but I wanted to stay home to catch up on work. So we dropped her at the mall until 5pm – just when everything closes.

Saw a bushfire on the way back! Since it’s summer here, bushfire is pretty common. The cops actually blocked the entire road and diverted us elsewhere.

Last meal before we leave! Mel made siew yuk!

I’m not a big fan of siew yuk but it tasted good.

Highlight for me is definitely the chicken. It was awesome!

The gang at our last dinner!

Last picture with the Kangs before we boarded our flight. Tania left with us to MY leaving Mel alone in Perth. His home was no longer the lively home he saw for the past 1 week. But I guess he’ll be glad that we left him once he saw his electricity and gas bills.

Our 230am flight wasn’t very pleasant. Livia cried and screamed. She didn’t want to be on the bassinet. Wife had to carry her to sleep. Notwithstanding that, Livia woke up with a big smile and smiled at everyone.

While on our way out from the plane, a steward said to Livia, “Bye Handsome”. We need to make sure Livia wears a ribbon at all times!