Trip to Penang – Peter & Wuan’s Wedding

Fellow blogger, Peter Tan and his wife were getting married in Penang. They were kind enough to invite me and A to attend their wedding held in Starview restaurant, Penang.

According to the invitation card, dinner starts at 7:30pm but at 4pm, we were still in KL sorting out some errands! /(*O*)\

We booked Royal Penang Hotel, a hotel located nearby Jalan Burmah, Georgetown. I’ve never been to Jalan Burmah and I’ve never driven in Penang before! I thought we’ll be fated to be extremely late for dinner.

Fortunately, thanks to my GPS function on my Blackberry, I found the place without getting lost! We reached the hotel at 730pm, 3 hours 30 minutes from departure time.

Our hotel Royal Penang Hotel is worth mentioning. Notwithstanding it is a 4 Star hotel, it only costs us RM136 per night. It also comes with yummy breakfast. Oh, and an unique parking too!

Buttons to control

Just to see how a rotary parking works, check out the video below

You wont see many rotary parking in Malaysia. However, if you’re interested to check one out, there is one humongous rotary parking machine around Petaling Street.

Back to the wedding, Starview restaurant is a well known Chinese restaurant in Penang. I heard it is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Penang. The food was indeed excellent!

The restaurant was packed with friends and relatives of Peter and Wuan. There were also performances by friends of Peter. We sat on a table with a family who are Peter’s neighbours in Penang. They were extremely nice. They made sure we had our food and even got us refills.

While having our dinner, Suanie came to our table and said, ‘eh don’t eat so much, we’re going to have tandoori chicken later!’ /(*O*)\

Although I tried as hard as I could to minimize my food intake, I couldn’t help gobbling the remaining dishes.

After the dinner, we took photographs with some other KL bloggers.

Thanks Peter and Wuan for inviting us!