Samsung Galaxy Note – Part II


Samsung Galaxy Note was launched in Malaysia on 11 November 2011.

If you’re still thinking on whether to get one, check out the videos of their features below.


Portability –

S-Planner –

S – Memo –

Polaris office –

Social Hub and reader –

Now, what are you waiting for?

Samsung Galaxy Note


If you’re having a headache on what Smartphone to buy, well, your headache has just increased. Samsung has just unveiled their new phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note. The look of the phone is quite similar with Samsung Galaxy SII but it has more/upgraded features.

The size of the Galaxy Note’s screen is 5.3″ – larger than Samsung Galaxy SII. It also comes with HD Super AMOLED – which gives better graphics and view. You can check out the video below on what HD Super AMOLED means.

My current phone is starting to lag due to the Apps that I loaded on my phone. These Apps are starting to clog up my system. The new Galaxy Note’s 1.4Gz Dual Core should be able to solve this.

One great difference about this phone is the stylus – which they call the S Pen.

Steve Jobs rubbished the use of stylus but Samsung went against his view and put one anyway. It seems great on video as it gives users precision.

With the S Pen, you can write on the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note’s embedded software will recognise the text and turn it into digital text. Would love to try this function when I write my notes while at work. Retyping the whole thing takes up a lot of my time (and my juniors’ time too!)

It is currently not officially available in Malaysia yet but some people have got their hands and posted the following unboxing videos *envy*:

Android Authority Lengthy techie explanation

Review by Winnie. Rarely you find a girl reviewing a phone. Good for girls to watch as they can look the phone at a girl’s point of view.

Review by Sham Hardy dalam Bahasa Malaysia.

Other videos
Unboxing by Amanz –
Samsung GALAXY Note fits by Donovan –

Would love to have a test phone and review it on how good it is for work! Just like how I wrote my piece on “All Lawyers should have an iPad!“. This article stayed as one of the top posts on LoyarBurok for more than a month!

You can check out other notable features of the Galaxy Note in the video below.