San Francisco 2011 – Cycling – Sausalito

Upon reaching Sausalito, we stopped by for lunch at Scoma’s. This place caught my eye as the restaurant is in a form of a boathouse. This 19th century boat house apparently boast to serve the freshest seafood in San Francisco.

We sat outside the boathouse – right underneath the sun. I think it aggravated my sunburn. I remember few days after cycling, a lady at a shopping center commented that I have bad skin -__-

Each of us ordered a meal each to be shared. Our Brazilian friend was amazed with this as he said this was never practiced in his country.

Crab cake burger was recommended by the waitress.

Overall, the food and venue were great. Unfortunately, it’s been two months since I ate at this place. I can’t remember how the food tasted like -_-

Nevertheless, I would highly recommend anyone at Sausalito to try this place.


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Address: 558 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965

After lunch, the 4 of us went on our own to explore Sausalito. I dropped by an antique shop called Nana’s Treasure. Nana’s Treasure has all sorts of antiques for sale. I bought some vintage cufflinks and a pendant for A.

Riza, the owner, was kind to show me around. She showed me many things but the thing that caught my attention was this binoculars looking gadget called Stereoscope. According to Riza, it is one of the oldest form of 3D vision gadget – more than a hundred years old. By using the stereoscope toward a stereoscopic card, I could see a 3D version of the picture! Apparently children in the old days used to play with it.

Woah! 1897 photo by B.W. Kilburn!

I was supposed to meet the gang at Scoma’s at 5pm so that we could take a ferry back to the city. When I left Nana’s Treasures, it was already 5:15pm and the gang was gone! I had no idea where the jetty was but fortunately I had a map and managed to navigate myself to the jetty. I found the gang at the jetty waiting for me. Phew.

San Francisco 2011 – Golden Gate Bridge – Pacific Catch

After finding our way to a bus station from the East Beach, we had a quick dinner at Pacific Catch. I chose this place because it was packed with people. They say a packed restaurant normally serves good food (but not always true).

The recommended meal here is their fish and chips which is served with sweet potatoes fries. It was my first time trying sweet potatoes fries and I must say it was damn good! I wiped the plate clean!

Hot chili – something reminding me of home.

The dinner was so quick that we threw our money on the table when the bus home arrived. We didn’t even wait for the change!

2027 Chestnut St
San Francisco, CA 94123-2701
Tel: (415) 440-1950‎


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