Bandung, Indonesia: Mt. Tangkuban Perahu – Part II

We left Tangkuban Perahu for Sindang Reret, a Sudanese restaurant for lunch. This restaurant was recommended in Wikitravel hence we decided to give it a try. The price is reasonable and the ambiance is good. The place is open air but the weather is cooling.

There I was introduced to strawberry shake – a refreshing ice blended fresh strawberry. After consuming the first glass, I stuck to strawberry shake throughout my whole trip. It was aweeesssomee!

Wikitravel has also recommended that we try the local fresh milk at Lembang. Our driver brought us to one café by the name Saung Bintang, which as a very unique structure. It consists of a combination of few huts which are connected to each other.

We ordered strawberry and chocolate milk. It tasted too sweet. Should have ordered the plain one.

You can also ride horses here. I wonder if the horses helped out with the milk when the cows went dry.

Wash your hands here.

We also discovered that our shoulders got burnt by the sun. We couldn’t feel that our shoulders were burning by the hot sun as hike down to Kawah Domas was very cooling.

Upon returning from Lembang, we treated ourselves with a full body massage at Vintage Chic Spa. Our full body massage was just RM60 per person!

Outside Vintage Chic Spa – they have trees with a white stripe too! I was told that these are to mark that these trees cannot be chopped down. [See The 3 great mysteries in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam]

The massage was quite good except that they made me take off everything and wear a transparent white disposable underwear -_-
Other people got black colour!!