Seremban Seafood Village @ Seremban 1

While having lunch with Adrian and A at Village Park, we decided to make a trip to Seremban for their famous roast crab for dinner. It was an impromptu plan.

We left KL around 645pm and reached Seremban in 50 minutes. Finding the place was rather easy. Check out the map below.

I initially though the place would be packed with people but there were plenty of seats.

Introducing the first meal!

Lai Liu Har. Tasty but not crispy enough.

Few minutes later, our main star of the night. Roasted crab!

Served with a faded green plate.

1kg of crab costs us RM40. It was covered with yummy marmite sauce.

And a spicy sourish sauce for us to dip our crab 😀

1 1/2kg was not enough for 3 for us. We ordered another KG. I was soooo full!!

After our cholesterol raising meal, we walked to a dessert shop nearby.

RM1.20 per bowl! Value maximum!!!

Seremban Village Seafood (芙蓉烧蟹海鲜村)
Jln Tuanku Munawir,
Tel: 06 7641260 / 012 6287661


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