Bali, Indonesia: 2008: Taman Ayun Royal Temple & Tanah Lot

Since we were only there for three days (arrived in the evening, departed in the afternoon), we only managed to cover two spots namely Taman Ayun Royal Temple and Tanah Lot. Taman Ayun Royal Temple is a temple that was built couple of hundred years ago. The place has an impressive garden with a few monuments worth looking at.

There’s also a small art gallery inside the temple.

And all I can say is this place is boring, don’t bother visiting this place unless you like temples.

There’s a lot of shops outside the temple. Check out how organised their stocks are.

Tanah Lot on the other hand is a popular but heavily commercialised tourist spot in Bali.The best time to be there is before sunset.

The amount of people visiting there is crazy! There’s hardly a spot where you can take pictures without someone in it.

The main attraction of this place is the Pura Tanah Lot temple which sits on an offshore rock. The temple is not accessible to the public hence one can only view it from far. The land between the temple and the shore is dry during low tide.

You gotta pay money to check out the ‘holy snake’

There are loads of kids and ladies offering postcards

We had to go through a market before we could enter the main attraction. You can get all sorts of rubbish here but the shops offers goods which are almost identical. If you cant get a good price from one shop, try the one next to it. There’s a huge chance that the other shop has the identical thing that you want. Bargaining is a must. Try to knock off 80% of the price offered. If they don’t call you back when you leave, that means you have offered a bad price.

Usual stuff

The unique thing about this shop is that they have couple of electronic appliances placed in the open but they don’t have a roof to cover it! What if it rains?? Oh yeah, you can buy Crocs there too.

I think someone drew this!

Bad Boy Club – it’s not a strip joint

I saw this signage outside a shop with the famous brand “Prada”. I
walked into the shop and I saw..


Ballibong! There’s also Ballibong pants [Source:]. Damn, should have bought one.

No idea who these people are. Might be husbands waiting for their wives to finish shopping. I feel you bros!!!