Strongbow @ Boathouse, TTDI


When I was in university, my favourite drink was the Snake Bite Black. It is a mixture of beer, cider and cranberry juice. I was told that the cider that they use is Strongbow cider.

This is me and my former classmate Cindy holding a pint of Snake Bite Black each..

This is Alan after few pints. GAHAHAH

Good old days!

My girlfriend is also a big fan of cider when she was studying in the UK.

However, when we were back in KL, we totally forgot about cider until we recently learned that Strongbow is available at our local pub, Boathouse!

We made a trip down to Boathouse on a Thursday night and ordered a pint of it.

A tall chilly pint of sweet apple cider mmmm.

Straight from the tap!

A sip of it immediately brought many memories. Especially the one during my birthday back in 2001. I had 4 pints of Snake Bite Black at my hall together with my classmates and this happened..

Those drinking snakebites or cider must control intake as drinking them quickly can result to being drunk and belligerent XD

Other than being a watering hole, Boathouse is also well known for its tasty pub food. I had this awesome Bangers and Mash.

If youโ€™re wondering how Strongbow taste like, it’s like mildly sweet carbonated apple juice. It is made of fermented juices of apples. It is currently the best selling apple cider in the world and is currently imported from UK to Malaysia by GAB.

Gulp gulp gulp..

Other than Boathouse, Strongbow is now widely available in many other pubs such as Finnegan’s (Bangsar, Hartamas, Changkat BB, Mid Valley), Laundry Bar, Sid’s Pub, WIP and The Magnificent Fish & Chips Bar.

Restaurant Yong Len @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail

The letter “G” fell off ๐Ÿ˜›
We had breakfast at Restaurant Yong Len for breakfast before heading to Damai to climb. Yong Len has been around ever since I was in primary school. Throughout the years, the only stall that still lives in my mind is their prawn noodles stall. I remember it being so spicy until I couldn’t finish it.
15 years or more later, on a Sunday morning, I tried the prawn noodles again. It didn’t taste as spicy as it did 15 years ago. Probably my taste bud has developed an immunity to spicy food. Of course, it tasted good. The kangkung was soft and the chicken meat was thinly sliced. The boss was also quite generous with their soup. I asked for a refill and she obliged without hesitation.

Other than prawn noodles, there’s one stall selling Nyonya kuih and other Chinese pastries. We bought a box of ang ku and some other miscellaneous kuih as snacks for our climbing session. The ang ku is not bad but its a little bit too oily. Nevertheless, it’s one of the rare places where you can find people selling Nyonya Kuih.

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