Nissan Livina X-Gear


Nissan had an event at Sunway Pyramid over the weekend. I made a trip down to check out the event.

View from the top!

It was quite interesting. They had a rock climbing wall and skateboard ramp. Some of my old climbing friends were running the wall and teaching newbies climbing. They set up an event company just to organize outdoor activities.

The route on the basic wall was quite simple. Many people were climbing the wall – including kids! And for kids that are not so active, they can opt for the picture colouring section.

I cant imagine how it would be like if my kids were into climbing. My friend’s son love climbing and he climbs everything in sight. My friend has to rescue his son from places high up all the time.

As for the skateboard ramp, anyone can take up classes there. Skates, helmets and pads all provided. There were some skater boys showing off their skills. I can’t skate for nuts hence I skipped it. Further, my knees are not doing so well. The peril of hitting the big 3-0.

There are two highlights of this event namely the Nissan X-Gear and iOS App. AL is thinking of getting the Nissan X-Gear. The interior is spacious – perfect when we have children. There were many helpful people around the cars to guide and brief us on the specs of the car. One of them was kind enough to introduce other Nissan cars.

The trunk is very spacious too. It can fit me with a lot of space left.

Trying to get in… (took this picture while no one is looking..)

This 1.6cc 5 seater cost RM82,800.00.

There were a few ladies promoting the Nissan X-Gear iOS App. They were handling out little code like this.

AL scanned the code with her iPhone4 and viola! we were directed to iTunes to download the X-Gear App.

The special thing about this App is that is utilizes augmented reality. If you’ve not been following augmented reality, it’s basically a function where the app will run a program when it is facing a certain surface. In this X-Gear App, a game will run when an Apple device (eg iPhone4 iPad2) faces the X-Gear logo.

AL downloaded the App and a lady showed us how to use it. She faced the camera on a marker and a cute driving game suddenly appeared. You can download a copy of the marker at

In this game, you will be in the simulated city. You need to drive your brand new X-Gear and pick up as many passengers as you can. Drop them off at the NISSAN Showroom to redeem your points. No, you can’t knock the passengers down and kill them.

You have 180 seconds to pick up and drop off as many passengers as you can. If you pick up more VIP & VVIP Passengers, you will earn more points. Also, collect time capsules to give yourself more time! Each time capsule gives you an extra 10 seconds.

If you do well, you stand a chance to win an iPod Shuffle, or even an iPad 2. For every 1000 points collected, you gain one (1) entry. Therefore, the more you play, the higher your chances of winning. Closing date is 15 Dec 2011.

This App also comes with a Garage which gives you a 360-degree view of Nissan X Gear. It allows you to change the colors of the cars, and explore its cool and innovative features. Black looks awesome!

You can download the Apps here:-
iOS (iPhone/iPad/iTouch)

For more info, please visit