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Can anyone tell me the difference between “honesty” and “intergrity”? defines intergrity as “Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code;The state of being unimpaired; soundness;The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness.” Whereas, honesty is defined as “the quality or condition of being honest; integrity;truthfulness; sincerity.
If someone ask you to choose between honesty and intergrity as a value in life, which one will you choose?
Seriously, i can’t tell the difference between the both of them. If i choose to be an honest person, i choose to be a person with integrity person as well. What is the difference!!!
Is honesty and intergrity like the picture below? It might look as it is but if you turn it around, it is completely different.

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  1. By defintion, integrity includes honesty, and more. Honesty is simply acts of telling the truth.
    Someone can be honest, but have no integrity: A criminal who, when you ask him, tells you that, yes, he is going to kill you for your money soon. But the act of killing you for your money is hardly proof that he is a person of integrity. A “righteous” crook, maybe, but still a crook for committing an immoral act.
    (Unless, you killed his family first, and he is now merely seeking payback, and will use your money to fund an orphanage in Afghanistan, but that is another story)

  2. I think integrity is more of the genuine ability of someone to adhere to their morals and self belief. It doesn’t mean that the person can’t lie, but if the person is a liar, there is hardly any integrity because u’ll never know when the person is lying or telling the truth. Therefore, honesty is something everyone can practise, even if there is no integrity. I think you already know tho.

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