The bloody water supply smells of shit!

Did anyone notice that the water supply today smells of shit?
Bloody hell, initially i thought it was due to some sort of clorine the water supply authorities put. I proceeded to brush my teeth and shower.
But then, it was later known that excreta have leaked into Klang Water’s water supply. Despite the water supply smelling of shit, it was announced that the water supply is safe for consumption provided that it is safely boiled.
Watadafak la. How the fak can this happen. Bloody Third World Country we live in. How da fak you expect people to consume water that smells of shit?
Bloody hell, now I have pieces of excreta all over my body. Probably some stuck in between of my teeth. I DEMAND MINISTERIAL RESPONSIBILITY!! Otherwise, somebody gonna get a hurt real bad…

12 thoughts on “The bloody water supply smells of shit!”

  1. very bad la… i was cleaning my room and full of sweat, then when i went to shower, the water smells like shit !! then when i come out only realised about the news…now my body is covered with stained shit smelling water !!
    tonite and next few days neeed to brush teeth with mineral water… hhmmm abt the shower… i have to go somewhere to do it.. hhmmmm

  2. yeah mine too…Fack!…damnit when will they learn how to provide us with good water service..the water is dirty and smells like shit now…people talks about H5N1 virus..i wonder if these shit water will cause some virus mutation and affect all of us..dang! if it ever should be called H2Dookie virus

  3. Me also. I even had accidentally cook mee.. Yucks!!!! Damn!! I have to go to my friend’s house for bath!!!
    But luckly today’s water is back to normal.. if not, dunno what kind of water that should be used for drink and other’s daily work..

  4. Luckily i was in singapore while all these floods and shit spilling into water supply happening. hahaha…but waitaminute…i also was drinking Nu-water… nyiabbehhh….

  5. pikey: dont worry, u can head to cititel SPA for a shower. comes with extra service too.
    yvonne: careful, mr poopie might be floatin there
    stoom: bugger, i curse miri with shit infested water too!
    Amos: rm3 mineral water ka?? u only need 2 bottles to shower?? hehe
    Pokai: yeah. in first world countries, we could drink water from the pipe itself. now here in msia, we gotta think twice man
    anthea: yuck!! shit infested noodles!!
    wolfx: wahahahahah shit infested nu water!!
    peggy: yea la yea la. aussie water the best
    efei: so lucky. only certain parts of klang valley had that problem
    pam: welcome to malaysia!!!!

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