The Client Part 2

Previously i wrote about Mr. S who was such a painful asshole. I managed to extract his Probate Cert speedily and get him off my back. Hopefully, he will pay our bill as soon as possible so i can close that file.
Today, i had the privilege of dealing with Mr. C, another difficult client. Mr C is 10 times worst than Mr. S. Actually Mr. C is not exactly our client to start with, his boss is the one who pay our bill. Mr.C is his boss’s golden boy whom his boss entrusted to oversee this matter and to work with us. Mr.C has this impression that since his boss is paying our fee then we are his slave and he can treat us like one. Every so often, he criticised our work and give very insulting remarks. One time in meeting, he told my senior and me that…

“Actually, i am no difference from you lawyers. I can do your job also if i wear a white shirt and black pants.”

Another time after discussion he said that…

“Well if you are a beautiful woman, i would stay a bit longer to talk cock with you. cock.”

Stupid joke, nobody laughed except him. His attitude problem has gotten the best of my master whom is well known of his cool and tolerence way of working. My master blew his top and told Mr.C to fuck off. Hence, the file fall upon my senior and my lap.

He once asked for my mobile phone number…

C: “eh, Give me your mobile phone lar.”

me: “hahhaha, sorry that is against our office policy.”

C: “But just now i call you, you are not in.”

Of cause lar you stupid idiot, i just finish meeting with the Official Receiver (Official Reciever is a government officer who takes over the Insolvent Company). Be sensible a bit to call me 45 or an hour after the meeting.

me: “Can one, i am always in the office this week.”

C: ” So i take it as a No”

me: ” hahahhaha…”

C: “No need to be scare one lar. It’s not like i am interested in you.”
me: “Office Policy lar but you have my boss’s number mah. You can call him if there is anything.”

C: “If you don’t want just say no lar.”

me: “NO!!!”

C: “FINE!!!”

10 thoughts on “The Client Part 2”

  1. If I were there I’d be boiling inside, but will still give a tight, controlled smile, and then behind closed doors I’ll be jabbing his voo doo dolls with needles and making a little paper figurine of him to bash with a shoe. Or I’ll offer to make him coffee, and spit in his drink. Bwahahahahahaaaa.

  2. mike: yeah, some idiot just don’t get it.
    yvonne: sorry, that was a clear typing mistake. That “hahahhaha” is a fake laught. What is a geli laugh? hehehhe..btw, my boss is Mr. Wong. I answer to Mr. Wong but my master and my senior supervise all my work.
    Applegal: I don’t want lar, waste my time only.

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