the fear beneath my skin

Something soooo freaky happened to me yesterday…

Ok, let me fill you guys in on some details first – my ex-bf gave me this alarm clock that has a recording of him singing ‘our song’ to wake me (and everybody else in the neighbourhood) up in the morning. I shall be kind and say that it wasn’t the best of singing voices so I never used it as an alarm clock and placed it in a hidden corner at my study table away from any itchy fingers which may accidentally on it and unleash the wailing.

Then yesterday morning, I was awaken by my ex-bf’s gung-ho singing… obviously being in a state of drowsiness, I just climbed outta my bed, walk to my study table and off the alarm (which, mind you, had all its switches in Japanese so it took a grueling few minutes to finally turn it off). Climbed back into bed and lie there for awhile…

eh… waitaminute… who the hell turn on that alarm clock??

*insert appropriate Twilight Zone tune*

Ok, if any of you guys in Watson 16 turned it on as a prank, pLEasE tell me! Coz I am really freaking out – usually thanks to Leong who scares the hELL outta me sometimes… :P… Leong, was it you???



9 thoughts on “the fear beneath my skin”

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA’it’ is the thing that lurks around in 16 Watson Road everyday, might be a school girl in uniform…

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