The Magic Gopher

It’s Saturday and xes has abandoned me to blog-sit, while he’s out shaking his big bootie. Unfortunately, I want to go out and play, too.
So, check out the [link] here!
I’ve tried it 7 times and the damn gopher always got it right!
He even smirks, too.

22 thoughts on “The Magic Gopher”

  1. Haha, i know how it works. Note that the symbol changes everytime u try it. The same symbol repeats for the every 9th count, i.e 9,18, 27, 36, 45, 54 …. and so on. All these number will have the same symbol.
    And it’s a maths formula that when you add up both numbers of a 2 digit number, and subtract it with the original number, you will get something definately divisable by nine.

  2. errr…how come my bloody number 13 doesn’t work… zzz he’s a con man. be careful not to be conned by him.

  3. omg! he did not get it right!
    but then again… i drank too much so maybe i may have messed up some calculations (as simple as it was)
    but i really feel that i didn’t do anything wrong!

  4. haha, its very simple just as ty says.. its a little probability involved aswell.. haha.. anyways, i outsmarted it too..

  5. AHLOKKOR: heheheh
    ty: aiyo, why did you have to comment so earlyyyyy let them play it some more what. haha! yes, i guessed the 9 bit, although it’s still coincidental to guess my “symbol” all 7 times correctly ๐Ÿ˜‰
    harm0ny: really? 13 should work … because 13 – 4 = 9. still part of its “formula” ;P try again!
    Avalon: how many times did you try? 200?
    baburs & Luxifer: drunken maths does not count!!! but you don’t get to smirk at the gopher anyway, he’s still smirking at you, even if he’s got it wrong. there’s no button there to click to say “HAHA YOU GOT IT WRONG!” is there … ehehehe
    electronicfly: aikss maths and mechanics and fizik and kimia all related??

  6. That music playing in the background can get very addictive after a while. I’ve copied your link over on my blog as well and I’ve given due credit to bimbobum.

  7. thanks leesh! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    BWAHAHAHAAHAHAHA .. i outsmarted it by deliberately choosing more or less the same number. first time, he got it right, i had chosen 98. 98 – 17 = 81.
    the second time, i chose 99. 99 – 18 = 81.
    you think he guessed the same symbol twice? afraid not!
    why isn’t there a button to say, “You got it wrong, Gopher!” one!!!

  8. I did that as well! I chose the same number. But you will notice that the Gopher’s symbol list will change everytime as well. So even though you picked the same number, he would have “predicted” a different number. Then you will notice that all the multiples of 9 have that the same symbol each round you try.

  9. gosh! i didn’t realise his symbol list will change everytime ….. hmmmmmm spooooooooky.
    funny how this game could be part of BBC’s Learning English programme. not Maths meh? heheehe

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