The return of Captain Yeap – 28 December 2007

Captain Yeap is back from Bangladesh after attending a 6 months course to study about radars. In conjunction with his return, we had a karaoke session at Neway Puchong. The price was pretty reasonable, RM50 for buffet and don’t know how many hours of karaoke. I think it was from 830pm to 230am. The food was good. It was served ala hotel style with Chinese, Western and Japanese food.
I had dinner before the karaoke session. After few plates of sushi, I felt like exploding. Oh, their beer sucked big time. I had bitter aftertaste each sip. Terrible.

The gang sang Chinese, Malay, Japanese and even Thai songs throughout the night.
When the bill came, it came up to RM900++. RM80 for fruits and RM90 for NUTS!!??

As we were walking out from the karaoke lounge..
Waiter: Thank you for coming…
WK: Lengjai, lei geh fa sang hou guai ah!! (Oi! Your nuts damn expensive!!!!)
Us: LOL!!!

3 thoughts on “The return of Captain Yeap – 28 December 2007”

  1. Last time kena RM1k plus like 3 years ago and I have not gone into a Karaoke since. Not that I liked them anyway. Yeah, their nuts are expensive and not special also.

  2. Abner: warao, how many people that day? saw your gf yesterday at twenty one keke
    rych: yeah friend had discount card or something

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