The Thieves!!

My friend recently got her wallet stolen and found her credit card being swiped for RM12,000. The thieves bought laptops and clothes.

My friend said this:

The thieves (the guy in black & white stripes shirt and lady in purple top) stole my wallet when I accidentally left it at TGIF, Curve (i know, my mistake). They swiped a total of RM12k last nite within a short span of an hour!

These fradulent purchases included Petronas Mutiara Damansara, RM3k for Sony Vaio, RM6.7k for HP laptop and RM2.1k A/X Armani clothes.

She has also posted a video obtained from the store that sold the laptop to the perpetrators.

If you know the man and the lady in the video, drop me a note. Please don’t post their names here. What I was told is that these people have a Vietnamese or Thai accent.

On another note, from what I have read, there seems to be a RM250 cap on liability of card holders for fraudulent transactions using their credit card. This is provided by the Bank Negara Credit Card Guidelines. I have not seen the guidelines myself and I dont find it at Bank Negara’s website.

However, there is a report to say that the liability for stolen credit card capped at RM200. Does anyone have a copy of the Bank Negara Guidelines?

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  1. Dude, I did a search on the BNM site for “credit card liability” and came upon this document which confirms the RM250 liability. It’s on the 2nd page.

    Curiously, the PDF is only a partial document. Maybe somewhere in the site, you can find the full copy.

  2. The problem is that most people (referring to cashiers) don’t bother to check the signature behind the card.

    Then of course the bank, I’m happy that I’ve had banks actually call me up when they see a sudden surge of expenditure. Apparently this is not applied to your friend’s case.

  3. Has the girl hired a private detective ? Or is she hoping to get lucky someone will recognise them with all this internet coverage?

  4. superwilson: most welcome! πŸ˜€

    Cris: YEAH MAFAKAS!!

    Mike: thanks man! but im still looking for the guidelines!

    KY: thanks! it went on a massive re-tweet after that!

    goldfries: the bank actually called her and she managed to stop further transactions but it was a little bit too latee

    Felix: thanks for the link!

    HB: yeah! thank god!

    fallen: hopefully can trace those fellows !

    azhar: thanks mate!

  5. question is, if you card is stolen, and it’s not reported to the bank, and the amount payable is capped at RM250, who bears the cost of the difference? it may not be the bank’s fault. unless it is a sudden and unfamiliar surge, the bank will not normally call. so who is to bear the difference between the RM250 and the actual amount charged?

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