There is something about Air Asia…

Although Tony Fernandes (CEO of Air Asia) did a great job building a no-frills airline, with all due respect, I hate Air Asia. My experience with Air Asia has been bad. Of all the times I took Air Asia, 99% of their flights were delayed.

Air Asia – Always Late

And now, someone just posted this hilarious picture. [taken from]

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LOL!!! It’s a picture of an Air Asia stewardess sleeping in a plane!
Well, the authenticity of this picture has not been confirmed. It could be from other airlines. However, an Asian wearing a red uniform somehow points that she’s an Air Asia stewardess. But then again, I remember vaguely that Lauda Air stewardesses wear red uniform as well. Nevertheless, the idea that the stewardess in the picture is from Air Asia cracks me up!

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  1. ok ok. anyway, beh tahan the delay in most of their flights, and the ridiculous prices of instant porridges, noodles, coffee, etc on board the plane.

  2. yea, i beh tahan most of the flights too, em, to penang ok…..bloody hell..
    i almost died on an Air-Asia…bad experience..turbulance and stuff la..bleh…

  3. i’ve been flying with airasia(if possible) 3 years ago.At first i was skeptical and paranoia like everyone else but ey, eventually i found out that AIRASIA is like 13195131509370513 better than MAS(no shit!!!)
    The only thing i didnt like bout Airasia is there was one time the plane depart 30 minutes earlier! they use to send sms out bout flight change but not that time,guess they changed the policy or something.
    btw,the upskirt lady in the pic, that’s not from asia but chinaair,airsialady airhostesses are hot as shit and they wear white blouse behind their attire.

  4. yea. don’t think it’s airasia la lelong! uniform wise. their shoes are not like that, black pumps with red lining. white shirt, zipper fronts not buttons. but the picture taken so teruk. it may have been a long flight. poor girl has her picture taken in an unflattering position. *hehe*
    i see them everyday. i also paiseh when passengers keep asking me, “are they(airasia) always late? the flights are always delayed?” no comments. when the flights are delayed, our closing time is delayed, too. *sigh*

  5. Actually I think they are pretty good for a budget airline… as for it being late, it is after all a budget airline, they have reasons to be late…
    At least it is cheaper than blardy mas that is charging so much!!

  6. bimbobum: kekek yeah la. rm5 for instant noodles.
    peggy: keke turbulance is acceptable ler. its not the pilots fault for having clouds on their path keke
    rych: i think MAS is better la. so far not so much delay, better service and hotter stewardesses
    Darren: HEHEHE
    Applegal: yeah, they also have a white top. should be air china as claimed by rych
    zhong: LCCT? HEHE NEVER BEEN THERE YET and not looking forward to!
    ferker: kekekeke i dont think its air asia too. cause air asia stewardess wears a white collar shirt inside
    Sui Lin: just because we’re paying less, they have reasons to be late?? cannot be man, we cannot have this mentality. totally nonsense.

  7. that day i took a 9:40pm flight from kota bharu that day, i arrived home in KL at about 3:30am. fuck airasia and fuck the LCCT.

  8. looking at the photo again..i agree with rych..think back hor..air asia crew are kinda hot..but a bit too *casual* at the attitude, donno how to explain. and i don’t think nowadays ppl wear MARY-Janes anymore , *points at sleeping stewardess shoes*
    uhm, still, i chose SIA over MAS. 🙂

  9. i dun think air asia the costume that simple
    cos air asia got white top blouse, red skirt then jacketish over the white blouse.. but yea, damn ugly la the womansleep untill

  10. 4 me, e onli bad experience was some bad landings 4 my initial airasia flights. then, it was ok. for delays, it was not dat bad. i mean e most i experienced was like 10-15 mins max becoz of e pregnant-old people-babies lining up 1st kinda rule. still, they can arrive earlier or on time. my pilot fren told me they fly faster n higher than mas.
    but i also board earlier flights too, like 10-30 mins earlier n reaching a destination 10-30 mins earlier. i mean if a normal price is like rm200+ 4 mas n u manage 2 get a flight around rm20-100, who e fuck is complaining for that mere 10-20 mins delay?
    i had mas with super retimes for 3-4 times delaying my flight for outrageously 4-5 hours with lousy lunch coupons b4. i am still paying 3-5 times more than airasia. wat’s e diff?
    in conclusion, i still prefer airasia. cheap is e ultimate choice. as 4 air-stewardess, i will put it equal. mas nvr have enuf decend ones 2 start with anywayz. probably once in a blue moon.

  11. Air asia cambodia , manage to book me to Sibu malaysia instead of Cebu philippines i mentionned them at least 3 times philippines ,when ticket issued when i told them the spelling CEBU was wrong the staff told me that it was a code , so no worry …
    i trusted them ……..
    finaly i end up with a ground staff in kuala lumpur telling me no service Cebu but clark Air base near manila and pay new ticket !! 800 KM FAR FROM CEBU ITS COST ME AROUND 300 USD extra ! ! i am still waiting refund of my ticket ot Sibu after 2 month !!! i complain to guest support airasisa,but no reply ,
    The guestsupport of air aisa is hopeless and i am cursing every day their stupid staff in cambodia!! who now say i was to late to complain !! and that my fault because i say yes ..
    its cost me much money compare if i took phnom penh -kuala -cebu with malyasia airline .
    i dream to have a meeting with their CEO Mr Tony Fernandez , and to express my opinion of their recovery toward customer, and to ask him why Air asia want to scrux me 240 usd by not refunding my ticket . .. i realy wonder if someone informed him about the kind of idiot dealing with Air asia customer in cambodia .
    upon my return while i was complaining in cambodia their manager she was covering her nose with her finger , while listening to my complain like i was stinking like hell ,the idiot who issued Sibu ticket was arguing with me that the computer was issuing the ticket not her …For her So far i ask CEBU she gave me SIBU , what the hell i should complain about !!
    I have been requesting my credit card to forwar my complain and to block my payement .til they reply me.

  12. Now I’m happy I’m not the only one experiencing problems with Air Asia’s guest support. Thanks guillot for airing this. I have spoken and written to Air Asia and have had no replies and having problems with Guest Support too. Am trying to get Guest Support Manager and Tony Fernandez’s email address. Will forward it to you too.

  13. I’m presently sitting at LCCT air, the crappiest airport in the world.

    I’m waiting for my Air Asia flight and, guess what, it’s delayed. In fact, out of 27 flights I’ve taken with Air Asia, 26 have been delayed. This flight will officially be my LAST flight with Air Asia. They suck!

    Their website doesn’t work and they can’t even get a flight out on time.

    Air Asia – fly them if you want to be late!!!!

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