Theft has been a common occurrence around my area.

Despite the fact that my house is occupied with people 24/7, theft still occurs. The thief has never been seen and what makes it even more disturbing is that the thief only strikes in the afternoon!

Couple of years ago, my computer was stolen. It was done within a span of an hour (I was out for a while). He entered my room without any obstacles and happily unplugged everything and ran. I wonder how he knew that I wasn’t at home.

Other belongings that were stolen were my shoes and clothes (and even my underwear!! Can you believe that???).

My tenants were also victims of this skilful thief. There was once a tenant left his wallet and hand phone next to a window, with the curtains closed. It was gone within a while. The thief somehow knew that there was something behind the curtains. Further, the thief didn’t even bother checking whether or not there was somebody in the room!

And yesterday, my tenant from China complained that her belongings were stolen. There were no signs of break in. She was away from home for 2 weeks before that hence she had no idea when her belongings were stolen.

This thief has been on a rampage for years. I wonder what he does with the stuff he stole. I heard there’s a flea market in Damansara that sells stolen items. I wonder anyone bought my underwear.

What was the most bizzare thing that a thief stole from you? 😀

19 thoughts on “Thieves!!”

  1. terra-menerra ahh these days those pencuri. *hehe*what has been stolen from me…hmmm..*thinks real hard* i don’t recall having anything stolen – thank goodness! the most was my korkor who “stole” my gameboy ka-ler…and i found it lying in his subang bedroom when mom and i went on a sudden visit/inspection. *hahahaha* oh…and he ripped off RM50 from me. Hasn’t paid me back. the nerves!!! oh? and my ex-boyfriend did not return my scientific calculator…it was brand spanking new. you think i could get it back after 5 years? *haha*okie. sorry lelong. it’s late, i’m getting crazy.

  2. Anyone lost 3 Def lepard original Cds ar? I bought them at Mont Kiara Flea Market for RM10 each…hahahaha

  3. hehehe..someone once stole my colorful eraser collection. you know, those that come in cutesy packaging and all sorts of shapes such as fruits and stuff. yeap.. o.O

  4. fer: 5 years ago? no wrries! you’re still within the statutory time limit of 7 years! now i advise u to head down to the high court to apply for specific performance to get back your calculator! frank: mont kiara one legal one wo ahhaha eraine: wah that bastard..hope he/she gets chocked to death from the erasers

  5. Hahahhaa…. stole from me?? *thinks hard* my pencil box. the gurl stole my pencil box; and it had everythg in it.pen, pencil, calligraphy pen, glu, scissors, colored pens, even a stapler! *&^%$#%^&*I am however guilty of er…. ‘taking’ my sister’s rubber collection. 😛 but i hv been properly punished for it. my mom locked me in the loo and i surrended the rubbers!

  6. sapphire_pearl: wahahaha lock u in the toilet.. thats a good time i make sure i take a shit in the toilet first, then lock my kid in the toilet

  7. Maybe u could get a restraining order against everyone except your parents and tenants from approcahing 100 meters of your residence unless they’ve got a prior written or verbal approval from u.

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