This Christmas

There was a time where my Christmas eve was spent in a club waiting for the clock to hit 12am. This year was a little bit different, I celebrated Christmas eve at Melvin’s house with a bunch of friends and good food. We were served with scrumptious lip smacking turkey, ribs, pasta and not forgetting Melvin’s special baked potato bacon cheese. I heard the turkey costs more than RM100.

Turkey & Cranberry sauce

Served with their best cutleries
We ate so much until we felt like exploding. After the dinner, wine and liquor were served. Melvin whipped out his Greygoose and Blue Label for everyone. Many were red faced throughout the night.

One of our friends’ Mum joined us for dinner as well. She had a share of one of HHH’s old antics e.g. the hamster story. The hamster story, which I blogged somewhere in 2005, went like this..

    One day, D, a friend of mine, was getting ready for school.
    It was wee hours in the morning and everyone was still sleeping…except for his little sister’s hamsters…
    He then devised and evil plot… which is.. fart at his sister’s hamsters.
    He proceeded to do so and let off a loud fart…
    *pooottttt* *blargh*
    D: oh shit!!!
    He accidentally shat on his sister’s hamsters!!

My friend’s Mum laughed so hard until she had tears in her eyes.
As for Christmas day, for the first time in many years, Timothy didn’t have his annual Christmas dinner at his house. Every year, my Christmas day is booked for this special occasion. Nevertheless, to make it up for the empty schedule, my high school friends and I met up for dinner at Restaurant 88 at Happy Garden. We had lip smacking seafood, taufu and vegetable.

After the dinner, we headed to Hana of Roppongi Hill @ Desa Sri Hartamas, a new Izakaya Japanese bar & restaurant behind Devis’ corner aka Doris’s Corner. The place is nicely decorated with excellent interior.
And we went to the new bar in…

slippers and short pants. O_o
We played dice and drinking games throughout the night. After 4 jugs, we headed home as many had to work the next day.
Sekian laporan. Terima Kasih.

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