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Ladies and Gentlemen, I am now officially a committee member of the University Of Sheffield Muay Thai Club! Although I got myself a crappy position (Training Officer) nevertheless the burden is still like others. The new committee has only 4 people including me. Scotty as President (I remember accidentally kicked him till he bleed while sparring, ops hopefully he doesn’t remember that) and another 2 British guys which I forgot their names. Our gym will be shifted to a new spot next year. But apparently, the new gym is at the new controversial sport centre where they charge a preposterous fee at us fellow students! Students have to pay a yearly membership for the sport centre and then ridiculously pay another membership fee to the clubs they wished to join! However. despite all the shitty thing we’re having, the new gym is much bigger and furthermore, we decided to have 2 classes a week. Moreover, the rent is much cheaper than before (we had to pay 30 quid an hour for our previous gym, the new gym cost only about 10 pounds an hour). Anyway, since we have a tight budget I suggested that we get our new equipments from Malaysia, I might have to ship it over to Sheffield when I’m back at Malaysia. Anyone knows how much are pads, shin pads and other cheap kickboxing equipment in Malaysia?
10:22PMMalaysia in the Thomas Cup finals! For once i’m proud to be a Malaysian! haha

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  1. you can try asking my sister since she got some kickboxing stuff – the gloves and wrist stuff… I am not sure where she got them from though… will ask her for you-la..

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