Thrash bin and of where we come from…

Remember when we were young, we used to ask our mummy and daddy where we come from and their answer would sometimes be,

“We pick you from the thrash bin.”

So whenever we pass by the rubbish dump site, we would somehow had a nostagic feeling for it.

That is where we come from?

“Hey look! There is where i come from. Hmmm…but it’s stinky place. No wonder, everytime after mummy bath me, she will put a lot of talcum powder on me.”

And whenever our parents got angry with us, they would say
“I wish that I have never picked u up from that thrash bin. There are plenty of nicer baby for me to choose from last time!”

Then you would have the picture in your head that everytime a man and woman get marry, they dig zealously at the rubbish dump site for a baby.

two women digging for baby?

And also that time when you were angry at your parents, you would look at the dust bin…

That was where we once live before our parents “adopted” us?

“Stupid dust bin, why don’t you have a cover so i can hied myself from this evil parents of mine.”

and not to forgot that time when you were unhappy with your parents because they did not give you enough allowance.

“AAAARG…i wanna get into the dust bin again and let a rich parents pick me!!!”

9 thoughts on “Thrash bin and of where we come from…”

  1. I came from the Assunta BIG Rubbish Bin. The one which u can see from the roundabout! Which rubbish bin did u come from???

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