threatening suicide is dumb.

Dear bimbobum,
i’m crazy! i think i’m going crazy! everyone thinks i’m crazy so i’m beginning to think i am.
i just broke up with my boyfriend of 2 months and i can’t help it. i still call him up and ask him if we can get back together, because i don’t think i can live without him.
i found out recently that he actually complained to a few mutual friends that i’m clingy and controlling. controlling??? what is so controlling about wanting him to stop all contact with his ex girlfriend? ok, so i did ask him to burn all her stuff which was left with him. but i think she was dumb enough to have not taken her things back when they broke up. so he has the right to get rid of her things when we got together!
i was accused of being too clingy just because when he went outstation for work, i just wanted him to call me from wherever he was. is that wrong? just a short 5 minute phone call is good enough, i think. just to make me happy. just to know that he was missing me like i was missing him. because he was away for a week.
it’s so unfair! i almost went crazy when he didn’t call me.
i considered suicide when we broke up. i’m still thinking about it. but i don’t know for what reason, because he was a bastard for complaining about me to our friends when he could have told me the truth, or because he’s no longer my boyfriend.
he’s mine, damn it! i don’t care if he actually slept with his ex behind my back just once when we just got together. i know it’s her fault, not his. stupid bitch! can’t keep her hands off him. i bet they’re screwing right now just to rub it into my face. i even heard that he kept calling her while we were together, and late night text messages!
why can’t exes just understand that it’s over???? she should have left him alone when she found out we got together, not cling to him like she could die. i mean, what the hell, she had gastric attacks and panicking about suddenly being sick, she called him up for attention! seriously, he’s not supposed to bother about her once they’re no longer together. what the hell, call someone else up to help you to the doctor or something la!
anyway, i still want him back. maybe if i threaten to commit suicide, he’ll take me back?
hell, now i’m so confused. maybe i should pretend to be pregnant..
the crazy ex-girlfriend.
note: i didn’t feel like thinking out the structure of my story, so i’ve put in a form of a letter/email. the crazy ex-girlfriend is actually an acquaintance of mine, and i think she’s seriously crazy. please feel free to leave your comments and maybe i can even try and advise her somehow. i just feel like slapping some sense into her, actually. hehe. ;P

56 thoughts on “threatening suicide is dumb.”

  1. Quote:
    ‘why can’t exes just understand that it’s over???’
    I seriously think threatening suicide is bloody dumb.
    i’ve seen a few girls like that too. but after a while, when they find a bigger dick, they’ll be totally fine again.

  2. aiyo……nowdays stil got tat kind of ppl…..
    when sumting is over… relli over……
    wat do her xpect….? even though she bunuh diri…..her bf oso neva give a damm lar……
    juz face it …… its over…..

  3. hrm..can’t blame her for tat lol… but heck how old is she? i mean its like i’m listenin to a 15 year old bout her love story gone bad lol..should really slap her la Bimbo?
    Zhong : bigger dick..kekke..good one..

  4. zhong: wah… damn experienced la you! ;P
    BaKuTeh: dunno la. i actually heard that she threatened suicide before, even when they were together, so he didn’t have the guts to break up with her, until now.
    AvalonDevil: she’s 22. i kinda scared la, i never slapped anyone before….. i think. ;P

  5. 22, ouch..she oughta be her age more la
    well, if u haven’t try it.let her be the 1st wan la..its not tat hard (ur taking this from a guy who done it a thousand times on his friends *for fun*) for her own good..
    well tat sounds a bit harsh wouldn’t it..well use other way la then if cannot..hehe..

  6. bimbobum: you actually have such a friend like this????
    Few facts:-
    She obviously hasn’t seen the world la…SOOOOOOOOOOOOO NARROW MINDED.
    ‘why can’t exes just understand that it’s over???'<–she should understand that it’s over too la….start a new chapter la…haih~
    Maybe she not so pretty so she know she cannot get any other guy?
    Or maybe because she lost her virginity to him so she thinks that he’s the one for her.
    She has problems seeing her ex bf’s ex gf’s things with her ex bf. Why burn..donate ma….this world very pollutant free ar!?

  7. 22 years old???? SLAP HER ONLY LA!!
    asking your boyfriend to burn all the ex’s stuff is stupid. Eh, things can be burnt or be disposed. memory can’t la my dear.
    and call her wherever he goes? i’ll take myself as my case. I travel overseas a lot to work. and if i have to call my gf where ever i go, WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR THE ROAMING CHARGES?! esp while working, who got the time to call? work is more important la. if she ask for one sms each night then it’s alright la.
    by the way, ONE WEEK ONLY LA!
    this girl is not 22 years old la. damn moronic.

  8. hahah i just read it again by accident. makes me feel so lucky to have a gf who is totally opposite of this…

  9. I would take the writing with a slight bit of exaggeration attached, because it was told from bimbobum’s perpsective as a 3rd person and could be slightly biased.
    But yes, i absolutely hate ppl like these who can complain that they are not clingy and yet look at what they’re complaining about. Petty things like reporting in every other day, burn ex’s stuff. I bet she’s the type who checks his SMS on his phone too. Insecure ppl. Sheesh.
    Beh Tahan. Suicide suicide la. Just make sure dun too messy.

  10. AvalonDevil: there are a lot of people who don’t accept advice of others, so no matter what you may tell them, it falls on deaf ears. so i also close my own ears and don’t listen la. ;P jk.
    karheng: the burning part, i don’t understand. i have friends who insist their bf throw away the ex’s stuff. but to the extent of throwing out photographs, sometimes a bit unfair. imagine if i’ve only been to Europe with an ex, you ask me to throw out the photos, a bit too much, right? unless the new boyfriend is bringing me over la. hehe. ;P
    er, narrow-minded? can say not mature also la.
    glo: pos laju? ;P how you going to kau tim her?
    zhong: more than one sms a night, can or not? ;P go online in the hotel and chat also can what.
    wolfx: I AM NOT CLINGY!!!! ;P eh, check bf’s phone la, emails la, wallet la…. dunno why all those i can’t do. pai seh. cos if they do the same to mine i’d be offended. unless they ask me to check for them la.
    suicide is suicide? choi.
    to me, this girl is ridiculous. obviously it takes time to get over being dumped, to get on with life. honestly, i can’t stand people who tell me that they are afraid to start all over again, trying new relationships with new people. or they tell me that they think they’re too ugly to find a new partner. listening to them really wants to make me slap them – if they keep repeating on and on and on. just give yourself time to get on with your own life la.
    and not forgetting that the ex-bf slept with his ex-gf, can’t she see that he’s not worth it?

  11. bimbobum: didn’t say u were clingy whurt. 😛
    Aiyah gurls need time to cry cry, bitch and whinge about it before they realise that they are single and FREE to look for new prey…urmm…i mean…..guys. Its normal la.
    before u know it….
    “Hey there good lookin. Lookin at my lovely lady lumps? Tee hee hee”
    Yea u get the picture.

  12. bimbobum: Chatting online, yes. Now days Wi-Fi is everywhere. Even in China or Thailand. But if she say that he MUST go online to chat with her, or send more than 1 sms per day, then it is too much. Eh com’on la, the guy go work, he must be busy and he’ll be tired by the night falls. Give the guys a break, com’on!
    Think about this, who is going to pay for your lovely dress from Forever 21 if he doesn’t work?
    My god… this girl you are talking about is pathetic. Hopeless.
    Ask her go die la!

  13. zhong: sometimes there is a difference in terms of exposure. if the gf is not understanding about the bf’s work and demands too much, then the fault lies with her. it may be age or it may be because she’s not working so she does not understand the work stress involved. or her work is stress-free!
    on the other hand, maybe the bf is a player and always looking for *cough* prostitutes or GROs when working outstation leh? so she is concerned when he doesn’t “report” back to her. but still, some are very clever, can report back before going out and play. hehehe.
    aiya, don’t have to be angry at her. she’s not stalking you what.
    there are some who go to the extent of calling up their ex’s parents to chitchat and begging them to help the couple get back together. even worse!
    wah, i can feel the heat of your anger from here la. hehehe. macam i’m the one to be executed by you pulak. ;P
    xes: fr0stie asking you a question la. ehehehe.

  14. i think she just needs a good screw to get her bf off her mind. if she’s hot you can ask her to call me and if she’s not just give her frank’s number

    fr0stie: he wants to commit suicide cause he was stress cause of his exams. wahaha

  16. bimbobum: hahahaha. chill. i just cannot tahan this kinda girl. damn teruk man i tell you. now i am soooo grateful that i’m single! hahaha. *cough cough*
    if the boyfriend is a player, then in the first place don’t get together with him la. but sometimes hard to say la. homo sapiens. wierd animal la i tell u. woman, weird species la i tell you. *wink*
    actually i’ve heard a lot about all these stories. it even happened on some of my friends! that’s y la i damn sensitive. hahaha.

  17. First i would like to comment on the girl part. She should really think positive and be mature enough to handle such problem. Suicide is stupid. No matter what she do also the guy would not return to her anymore. So she should start a new life.
    Guy part. mmmmmh… pls don be so curel lo. Girls are very fragile ma. You all noe how to say pass is pass. But wat about him. he still sms his ex and contact wit her for wat since he already hav a new one. so its also not totaly her fault to become like this. She is jus care and worry about him but using the wrong method. So tat guy shud understand and shud be careful in handling such matter. Such as make her feel more security lo. All the girl also wan pamper and security. If she has all these she will trust the guy and will not check or control him like tat ma…
    pls comment if wat i say is wrong…
    sorry for the long comment.. its jus wat i think la….

  18. “life is precious”. hehehee. so cliche, right? but what the heck, suicide is not the answer to each and every problem. ok, i thought of killing myself before PMR results came out cos i was scared my parents would be angry for not getting all A’s. i already had a feeling i was not going to get all A’s.
    er, yes, i know i’m off tangent here. hehe. =P

  19. bombo : its true also la..some ppl jus won;t listen…if she wasn’t ur fren u woudn’t give a damn would u…well,if all else fails..send to glo la…i’m sure he’ll kau tim her…in wtv way..if cannot send her my way…been awhile neva hit sumone ade *searching for my old bloody chair* kekekeke…

  20. when it comes 2 bimbobum’s posts, 99% of e time e postsr related 2 bf-gf relationships thingies. haha!
    now i understand why gossip magazines nvr run out of things 2 write about relationships of stars.
    btw, i just wan 2 say forcing love is so wrong. threatening 2 commit suicide is an extreme of dat. even if u force it thru, time will show in e end. e pain is much greater by then.

  21. even if someone commit suicide… make sure he/she really DIE. Or else they’d be in deep shit and make life for other people miserable.

  22. What’s with him that makes the lady go gaa-gaa? Don’t be stupid lar, stick around longer and the guy’s gonna twirl the lady around his little gay pinkie.

  23. diehardx: Better than xes’ clubbing/shuffling/food posts everyday whurt rite? Have to inject abit of feminine aspect to the blog. And some fank-kiness every once in a blue moon.
    Xes: Nolah…i heard from sad unfortunate “victims” only. XD

  24. DieHardX: where got 99% hehe. cos i’m not happening like xes on clubbing scenes, wat to do. ;P
    endroo G: like how? mebbe got glamour leh?
    luvphobia: dunno la. i think men like that should die instead.
    wolfx misses fanky spanky!!! ;P


  26. your friend is quite freaky man! burning her stuff, faking preganancy and threatening suicide..
    she said “why can’t exes just understand that it’s over?” well, she needs to drill that into her head too.
    nobody is worth all that, and definitely not someone who blatantly doesnt want her anymore.
    I hope she snaps out of it soon.

  27. I’m surprised that ur friend is not dead yet by now. Wow, it took me only 2 weeks to get all my system back. I got the same excuse for the break-up. Now he just wont speak a word. I assumed he’s just not THAT into me. But it’d be better if she could get the guy to sit down and TALK. Both should listen and talk things out. If he really loves her, he’d take her good and bad…

  28. Gavin: you and xes’ r-ship…. *shake head* …. dunno what to say. ;P
    Mei: i hope so too! although i’d feel uncomfy seeing my bf’s ex’s stuff with him, i won’t go to the extent of asking him to burn it up. “what is this doing here?” is the most i can say, and hopefully he’d be smart enough to know what to do next. ;P
    Pinkon: i don’t know if it’s because of lack of self-esteem, to want to cling on to the guy, not wanting to face the future. dunno la. this is what they call low EQ perhaps?

  29. oh, but don’t forget, why did the guy’s ex call him up just because she wasn’t feeling well? surely she has other friends to call, right? they are over, too!

  30. bimbo: like if he/she dont die, parents will be burdened. The investigating officer will come and ask for coffee money the might total to thousands to settle the case etc.
    The other day a friend called up and told me her girl friend didn’t die following a suicide attempt and initially the police asked 10K to settle. But these dumbell argued with the police as they thought suicide is not a crime and then the police got tulan and asked more.. 20K.
    Man, this is crazy.

  31. endroo G: intro xes or frank to them la, lawyer what! ehehe… why does everyone think lawyers are like Superman, all sorts of problems also can resolve one. ;P
    AvalonDevil: down payment for a car or a house. or mebbe go holiday in Europe. hehe. ;P

  32. Bimbobum: no no, my self-esteem doesnt have n.e.thing to do with it. It has just become my conclusion to my analysis on this case that the MAN isn’t THAT into the WOMAN. This way it’d end everything. The ‘over-clingy’ and ‘over-jealousy’ are just man’s excuses. Guys, admit it!

  33. aiks. i din accuse you of lack of self-esteem la. general statement. ;P since i had difficulty accepting a break-up before. all the crying… can flood shah alam. eheheh… ;P
    ya la, guys got a lot of excuses for girls one. ;P

  34. ‘over-clingy’ and ‘over-jealousy’ are not excuses. IT IS TRUE!! I know some girls who are magnets to their bf. One friend of mine had to hide from his gf and at one point got involved in a car chase, gf chasing bf 😛 HEHEHHE

  35. aHAHAHAHAHAH… serious? omg. crazy woman!!!! mebbe the bf just robbed her or something? that’s not magnet, btw, can consider leech already. ops, why did i just degrade my own kind like that…

  36. xes: hehehe. this is funny. i’m ashamed of all these crazy girls! SHY!!!!! must have some dignity a bit la, chase bf in a car some more. ehehehehee crazyyyyyyyyyyyy
    frOstie: your whistle sounds like S&M with black leather whip and all, playing “COPS” ;P

  37. Sometimes, the “overclingy and overjealous” thing happens because seriously, ive seen guys who LET their women do THAT to them! Ive got friends’ boyfriends who’re like that and sometimes you just wanna give them a wake up slap and tell them to be the boss sometimes. And this leads to the girlfriends complaining that they are not manly enough -___-” dramas

  38. people who really wants to commit suicide would already have a plan. They will think rationally. ie. how to take their own lives away, things that they need to do before they leave this world (eg. leave a note to some close friends and family, saying Goodbye etc etc and probably arrange their own funeral)
    girls like your friend are just an attention seekers.
    my advise: go with the flow

  39. Devilishaz: i agree. guys are at fault too. hehe.
    galFeRari: attention-seeking… prolly too insecure and all… ;P
    Pinkon: hehe. thanks! i think i’ll keep a copy for myself too. ;P

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