Tiger FC Fantasy League

I just set up my team for the Tiger FC Fantasy League. Tiger FC Fantasy League is an online football game where you can set up a virtual team and choose your favourite Barclays Premier league players (at a certain price tag) to join your team. It’s like playing Roman Abramovich. The scores are calculated through the real life performance of the players in your team.
Unfortunately, we are only given a 115 million pounds budget to buy players and a manager. Further, we can only have maximum 3 players from a team. Frank wanted choose all his players from Manchester United. Tough luck mate.

Choose your profile! The third one from the left looks like Steve McLaren. Sure fail.
Since I have a limited budget, it took me some time to choose my players. After choosing all my preferred players, I realized that I ran out of money to buy a manager! Argh!!

Finally! My team! I wanted Berbatov as my striker initially. I got him out cause he’s too expensive.
After selling off Berbatov, I bought Alex Ferguson as my manager. But after Manchester United lost to Liverfools 2-1..

By the way, Tiger FC Fantasy League also offers prizes to be won. The highest scoring manager at the end of the season will win a fantastic prize – A Trip for 2 to the UK and RM1,000 Spending Money each!
I’ve joined a mini-league created by Nuffnang. Mini-League with the highest average score at the end of the season will win a prize.
– 1st Prize x 1 Cash RM2,000.00 + 3 crates of Tiger Beer
– 2nd Prize x 1 Cash RM1,500.00 + 3 crates of Tiger Beer
– 3rd Prize x 1 Cash RM1,000.00 + 3 crates of Tiger Beer
*Fingers crossed!

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