Tioman Island: Melaka: Donald and Lily’s Corner

We had lunch at one restaurant by the name Donald and Lily’s Corner, one of the well known Peranakan coffee shops in Melaka. Its interior bears a homely environment with many personal ornaments placed around the restaurant.

This restaurant is supposed to be well known for its Nyonya Laksa but unfortunately we came too late and all they had was Cendol and Mee Siam.

The cendol is not bad. It has the usual ingredients such as shaved ice, peanuts and corn. It comes in a small bowl. I think it comes no where near to the cendol served in Restaurant Jonker 88.
As for the Mee Siam. it was almost tasteless and quite dissatisfying.

Nevertheless, I will still come back for the Nyonya Laksa since reviews have given it a thumbs up.
Donald and Lily’s Corner opens everyday from 9am to 4pm except on Monday.

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