Today, I wake up with a major headache due to the loud Morning Prayer from the flats behind my apartments.

Today is an auspicious day for the Malay behind my house to get marry so they have a Kenduri (party like event). At exactly 9am, they start the day with loud thanksgiving and blessing prayers over the microphone. God damn it, I only went to sleep at 3.30am last night and I thought I was having a bad dream.

However, that does not get me up from bed; I try effortlessly, tossing left and right to fall asleep anew. Finally, I give up at about 11am because they are blasting “Selamat Pengantin Baru” (Congratulation on your wedding day) song repetitively. Fuck, after that I have headache for the whole day.

The kenduri was quite happening. They have Kumpang (damn noisy), Lucky draw (that one last for 2 hours and the first number is 111) and fucking Karaoke session with lousy singers (No pitching at all). They only stop during the 1pm and 4pm prayers but it is short lived. The kenduri did not end until 5.30pm. Anyway, I took photos of the kenduri from my apartment.

Today, I have Domino Pizza’s Aloha Chicken pizza and Extravaganza pizza for dinner. I order thin crust pizza for both flavour. They taste like cheese and meat on crackers but delicious. That is a photo of my left over pizzas.

Today is also the birthday of Gillian Chung


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  1. Xes & Iv’N: I had two regular pizzas. I need to put on some weight lar cos i am getting skinner day by day…hahahahhaGavin:ummm…i like Twins lar but that Gillian is not the Gillian from Twins. Sorry,mate.

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