Tom Laycock and loads of seminars

My seminars were good today. I managed scramble through the seminars without being questioned. Ken Lidstone, our Criminal Evidence tutor, was pretty pissed with the class today due to the fact that out of 20 people in the class, only 3 people voluntarily answered his questions.

Tom, our ex treasurer of the Clubbing Society and also an English friend of mine from Sheffield University, found a new job in Kuala Lumpur. He’s working under Klue magazine now. According to him

“I’ve now got a new job though..I’m working for a magazine called KLue…have u heard of this mag? I’m working on the nightlife section of the magazine…so i get to go clubbing for free, get free drinks, and then all i have to do is write a review on the club! It’s wikid!!!!! And I get to meet loads of top DJ’s too…I met Paul Van Dyk last Wednesday when he came to Emporium…and I’m meeting Sasha in a couple of weeks!!! =)”.
Lucky bastard. He’s having a time of his life in Malaysia!

I just found out that Tom’s surname is Laycock. Gee, laugh all you want, man. Malaysians just love to make fun of people’s name. hehe

Tom & I at my house during the Chinese lantern festival 2002