tongue piercing

Abby is going to pierce her tongue tomorrow. 😀

Aftercare tips.
To clean the inside of an oral piercing use a special antibacterial mouthwash which is alcohol free and can be used undiluted.
If an alcohol based mouthwash is used it should be diluted 1/3 mouthwash to 2/3 water.
It should be used after everything you eat, drink or smoke until the piercing is fully healed.
With all oral piercings there will be some swelling, this is perfectly normal and the jewellery you have been pierced with is large enough to allow for this.
Sucking on ice can help reduce the swelling.
If you are at all worried about the amount of swelling, or the jewellery starts imbedding, please call in to have it looked at by your piercer.
For the first few days of your new piercing eating may be difficult (you may notice this especially with tongues). Take it easy, start on soft foods like soup or yoghurt and work your way up to tougher foods.
We suggest you avoid hot spicy food at this stage.
It is also advisable to change you toothbrush as your old one may harbour bacteria.
The tongue is covered in a very thin natural healing agent called “peptide”; this will help to aid the healing process.

hmm, should I get one too? 😛

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  1. yeah do it! i had mine done in february..its not bad..but the first week, its kinda hard to talk…you talk as if u have a lisp…but anyway…suck on loads of ice :0) becareful not to get use to playing with it too much because it chips your teeth and during the first 6 weeks of healing, don’t play with it too much…..not good! :0)hahaahhaa tell me when u do it alright?!

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