Today in history:-
1969 – Death toll in Malaysia’s May 13 racial riot exceeds 500, with 90 per cent of casualties Chinese.
8:48PMI spoke to T0ny, my Jurisprudence lecturer today. My initial plan was to dig some tips for my essays but however we ended up chatting. He was telling me which university is good for the bar, namely University of Nottingham Trend and University of Cardiff. Then he was telling me about the judiciary personals he knew in Malaysia. Apparently he knows our ex CLP (Certificate of Legal Practice) board Chairman who got arrested recently for selling exams papers and also Mr Justice Augustine Paul the judge who was in our infamous trial of our ex Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim for sodomy and corruption. We chatted for about an hour. He talks a lot. I think I spoke less than 15 sentences throughout the conversation.

3 thoughts on “Tony!”

  1. haha, no wonder u were gona for so long….tony rich. not giving hints on his project eh….dont wan anybody to know….heheh

  2. just tell yur Mr. Rich that in M’sia there is lots of sodomania ppl just wanting the get the kick, so tell Mr.RIICH yours still tight la, hahaha πŸ˜› then he’ll get the hint πŸ˜› bleh

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