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Now that Hari Raya is around the corner, I am troubled as to whether I should treat some of my Muslim staff and colleagues with some titbits or little gifts. Last year, I gave them chocolates and sweets. This year, I’m thinking if I should stop the practice.
My bosses do not treat their staff with festive hampers or meals. They believe that the line between superiors and subordinates should not be crossed. But growing up with parents who have always been thoughtful with their staff, I find it difficult to ignore the thought of giving simple treats during the festive season.
My bosses do not buy souvenirs for the staff (including me) when they travel overseas. Not even a box of chocolate to be shared. We used to grumble that they are extremely stingy and selfish – why is it they can afford a trip overseas but cannot afford (or refuse to) treat us with simple gifts?
Ask xes, and he’ll tell you that he doesn’t believe in buying souvenirs and treats for his support staff. ;P (OK, I remember this 2 years ago. Have you decided otherwise?) He thought I was mad to worry about what to get for my staff back then.
I don’t know about you, but do you consider it a big deal when you treat some of your clerical staff to a simple meal? Buy chocolates when you return from a trip overseas? I couldn’t bear not buying anything for my secretary when I went away for the holiday, or even my colleagues who relieved me during my holiday. Simple treats are just a way of saying thanks!
Anyway, I’ve decided to give some of my staff some Famous Amos cookies, which aren’t that cheap, when you think about it. I’m so tempted to have them all to myself!

3 thoughts on “Treats for colleagues”

  1. wah ur office culture so different, my colleagues who ware on vacation will always buy something back which sometimes makes me oblige to do so when i travel hehe.

  2. The thing is, if you make it a habit to treat people,ppl expect it every year whether you can afford it or not. I like buying presents for people but sometimes I get overwhelmed by the amount to presents I bring back from overseas.
    Makes people feel good but hurt the wallet real bad!
    Hopefully what goes around comes around lar. Still don’t understand how come I send 30 presents overseas and only get 3 back. *sigh*

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