Tuk-tuk in Bangkok

Photograph: courtesy of piffles.
1. How many passengers are sitting in the tuk-tuk?
2. How many passengers can you FIT in the tuk-tuk?
3. What do you think the tuk-tuk driver said? <---- This shall be the caption for the picture! 4. How fast do you think the tuk-tuk went?

16 thoughts on “Tuk-tuk in Bangkok”

  1. aiya…second!
    Tuk tuk has 5 peeple..
    tuk tuk going 5 km/h with these 5 people..
    tuk tuk driver said…..5 or 50, if u can fit, just sit!

  2. I see 3 ppl. I’d say 30kmph, because any faster he’d have trouble braking or the tuk tuk will turn turtle around the corner XD I’d say, 30USD?

  3. that tuktuk has 3 ppl.
    a tuktuk can fit 4 normal sized ppl, or 6 even (hehe, tried before)
    the tuktuk driver said “wait ah i change to 18 wheeler engine first”
    tuktuk supposed to be able to go at 10km/h oni, but with new engine can go at 15km/h.

  4. tuk tuk has 4 person… 3 with huge butt, and a baby hiden. can fit 4-5 ppl. tuktuk driver said, or sings ” i wonder if you know, how to drift in this tuk tuk, if you know it then you can come and challenge me… slow and steady!!!! ”

  5. KhinKo: cover what, my big butt? ehehehe
    this heavenlyhell…. waiting for F1 issit? ;D
    only electronicfly guessed correctly, 3 people in the tuk-tuk, excluding the driver. ;D

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