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I’ve jump on the Twitter bandwagon. I’ve read many articles about Twitter and how good it is. There was an article on BBC stating that students should study ‘Twitter’. And there was also an article on how Jennifer Aniston broke up with John Mayer because of his Twitter obsession. Yao mouuu?

However, I couldn’t understand why is it so popular. It’s just a small tool where I can post short messages (approximately 140 characters long), just like the Facebook status. I decided to try it myself and boy, it’s pretty addictive! I update at least twice a day!

I installed a Twitter software on my Blackberry. It’s a freeware called Tiny Twitter. I also synchronized my Twitter with my Facebook status. Now my updates on Twitter is shown on my Facebook status.

On an unrelated note, I created a button for the Facebook group.

Please feel free to join!

7 thoughts on “Twitter and Facebook”

  1. hey gua pun ada tiny tweeter. but how come i couldnt find you. try google maps latitude also laa, so that I can see where you are hahahaha.

  2. Eehhh mine is xescx. Can c ar? Google map latitude is real time one ar? Now ur wife can track where u go liao kekek

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