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If you haven’t been following my Twitter, you’ve been missing out some of the pictures I took while on the road. However, you may still surf them at

Here are some of my personal favourites 😀

A friendly cat I saw while at Village Park restaurant. I left a piece of tissue on its head and took a picture of it. It didnt move at all!

@weichen and a 40 inch Toblerone!

Bleckberry for only RM4!!

Leonard’s awesome picture of himself if he smokes too much.

Make up in the gym. Love this picture. This was taken in Mad Monkeyz climbing gym. The girls are the strongest climbers in the gym and can take on half of the guy climbers.

Rosmah’s Epic Hairstyle. The top part is round! I hope I don’t need to “resign” for posting this.

Pet bereavement services anyone?

Obituary for dog. liddat also can!

In The Star newspaper, a notice to one Brian Yeo telling him that his new born daughter is missing him

Picture of 10 sticks of raw siham (cockles) which we dared our friend to eat for RM600. He did and was okay the next day. Check out his video here.

Picture of my article of my article about social media and law published in The Star newspaper. My twit was reTwitted a few times and garnered me 600 over hits! You can read the article here.

RM15 English magazine about amulets. Who the heck reads this??

This car gotta be the dirtiest car I’ve seen!

A building with a smile 🙂 !

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