Ulterior Motives

“Should a guy come up to you and suddenly becomes your new best friend out of the blue, obviously there is an ulterior motive.” a friend smugly declared the other day.
“What do you mean? That he’s interested in you?” I cautiously asked.
“Sounds obnoxious, doesn’t it?” she laughed. “For example, if a guy friend suddenly lavishes some attention on you and fusses over you, when he never used to do it … wouldn’t you find it weird?”

Ulterior motive. To be fair, everyone generally has an ulterior motive to get close to you. When it comes to matters of the heart (this sounds so cliche), your sensors are extra sensitive. I admit I am one of those who get a bit suspicious with the sudden lavish attention.
And when out of the blue, few months down the line, he grabs you in a hug and wants to hold your hand, he gets jealous over the silliest things, he wants to spend most of his time with you … hmmmm.
Sometimes I don’t even need to think it’s weird, my friends will tell me. ;P
And sometimes, you hope for more. “Why can’t he make the next move?” you’d feel like screaming right into his face. “Hurry, hurryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”
Some guys are really smooth, though, and they can catch you unawares. You’re happily thinking, “Wow! I’ve got a new best friend. Fantastic! What a wonderful friend!”
When he finally makes his move from friend to i-don’t-want-to-be’your-friend can-I-be-your-boyfriend, you’re gobsmacked.
“I never intended to be your best friend. I’ve always wanted more than that.” He confesses.
You then feel like you’ve been caught with your pants/skirt down.
Damn ulterior motives! Can’t you guys be transparent? When we reject at that juncture, we are accused of misleading the poor guy.
As if the girls weren’t misled in the first place.

27 thoughts on “Ulterior Motives”

  1. Argh! 4th! oh well, if a guy approach a girl TRANSPARENTLY, isit the first time meet girl he tell the girl “I want u to be my girlfriend as you are so pretty what will you do?” You get what I mean huh? 😛

  2. 5th!!!
    hahahahaha this was what happened to me before i got together with my girlfriend. both parties misleading each other. complicating stuff.
    but without these cheesy dramas, courtship will be boring as hell. don’t you think?? lol
    selamat hari raya!

  3. hari raya to evibodi!
    bimbobum: sumday ur knight shinning armor gonna turn up in front of ur hse ker la…no worry.worst come to worst, also become spinster oni ma.

  4. Yeah if straight to the point what you will have is…make her freak out and chance of success? Nearly zero 😀

  5. bimbo : i got no off in hari raya…david tao setup rush…
    well well, tat kinda sounds like me….long time ago…but i really want to make frens…i guess…
    how to be gobsmack..i mau try!@!

  6. hmm. i dono. nv try that b4. cause always oso girls court me wan. HAHAHAHAHAHA. and yes, i always know their ulterior motives 😀
    every girls mau HONFAAI 😛
    hek hek hek

  7. jinxeD : i’m a freelancer..so i’m not sticking to one company alone..lets jus say i’ve been to evry events tat is happenin in msia…huge wans…except R4 this year which i really wanted to work…btw, my companies are S.E.S, C.M.G, RB, Chan Lee and a few other small once..the ticks…i oso dunno…its shown on the tv…
    Bimbo : mus make money..wana change phone!!!
    btw…the organiser kinda yes and no on passes…even my gf ain’t gettin in…

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