Unique Drinks

On my last entry, I posted about one drink that looks like orange juice but it’s actually barley water.

I think entries about drinks is one topic that bloggers do not pay attention to. I’ll start the ball rolling.

Teh Botol & Teh Kotak @ Bali, Indonesia (quite common in Indonesia)

Coconut Shake @ Krabi, Thailand (gave me diarrhea)

Teh Madras @ Kota Kinabalu
And recently, I ordered this drink by the name “Ribena Cincau” @ Jetty, One Utama.

It’s a mixture of Ribena and Cincau (grass jelly). This is the first time I see such combination. Despite it’s novelty, the taste is pretty normal.

Anyone got any places to share?

One thought on “Unique Drinks”

  1. 3 color tea from Face To Face Noodle Shop? mixture of coffee, milk tea and 1 more I can’t figure it out, probably nescafe, the outcome taste superb sweet.
    Hot Boiled Ginger Coke? Mom forced me to drink when I’m having dry cough, I found it at 1 cafe located at One Utama, can’t remember whats the name, it just located next to the healthy food store. LG floor?

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