Couple of weeks back, A, Licia, WH and I wanted to watch Pixar’s new animated film Up. Few months back, I read a news about a dying girl’s wish to watch the show Up before she dies. Pixar had a private screening for her but she was too ill to open her eyes to watch the show. Her mum had to describe the show to her. She died 7 hours after the show. That really made me wanted to watch Up.

I was tasked to purchase the tickets and I got a good seat – right at the middle of the cinema.

A and I ran a little bit late hence we got into the cinema late. Fortunately, the show wasn’t about to start when we got there.

Once I sat down, a girl sitting next to me asked me for my ticket. I was puzzled but nevertheless I gave her my ticket and she returned it after looking at it.

Few minutes later, the girl asked for my ticket again. This time round I was a little bit annoyed and wanted to bitchslap her. But I gave her my ticket anyway.

Moment later, she said, “Sir, your tickets are for tomorrow…”.


Apparently, I was sitting on her friends’ places..we had to move.

FML x 2!!

So A, Licia, WM and I moved from our seats when the show was about to start. We decided to find empty seats and plonk our butts there. We found a row of empty seats 3 rows from the screen.

We were fortunate that the cinema wasn’t fully packed. We settled down with our pop corn and drinks.

As the movie was about to start, A said, “I dont think we’re in the right cinema…”.


FML x3!!

8 thoughts on “Up”

  1. LOL! I think you need to get more sleep, or check your eyesight.



    P/S: Also quite funny that so many ppl (you and friends, the ticket collector, the girl in the cinema) saw the ticket but didn’t realise it was for another day.

  2. Efly &KY: -_- tragic..

    Bimbobum: offf courrsssseeee! I had good seats!!

    ST&zoe: it was actually a short clip of a cartoon. We tot we were watching another cartoon. Fortunately after the cartoon, Up started. Phewww

    Darren: yalor. I had cold sweat for a while.

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