US Agency Stamps, Coin, Notes and Phone Cards Fair

I saw this advertisement from Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore’s Stamp Catalogue.

This is the first time I see people putting photos of themselves on an unrelated advertisement.

So anyway,I paid them a visit today.

It was held at the 2nd Floor of Heritage Hotel, Kuala Lumpur Railway Station. One should pay a visit there as its interior is of Victorian/Edwardian design.

Their elevator kicks asses as well. You have to open the door yourself and close it yourself! It’s like living in the early 1900s 😀

The fair was held in a medium sized room with stamps, coins and notes sprawled all over the place. The price is reasonable as well. Further, their service was excellent!

As for the variety of stamps, they have stamps all over the world and era. I even saw a Penny Red selling for RM12!

They also have an excellent collection of Japanese Occupation of Malaysia Stamps!

RM5600!!!! I gotta sell my ass for this!!

Japanese Occupation stamps. It’s written ‘Savings, the Japanese Government Malai (Malaysia)’

Coins & Notes. They even have Saddam Hussein’s notes.

The fair is held every month first Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 6pm daily. To all stamp lovers, pls pay a visit tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “US Agency Stamps, Coin, Notes and Phone Cards Fair”

  1. I still collect and keep stamps ler.I wonder how much is my stamps worth today. The kickass elevator sounds scary.Imagine if it’s haunted like the show Dark Water…think got time to open door ar? *blink* *blink*

  2. Peggy: auntie come in van..mmm we didnt have that..
    julz: kekekeke, if u’re planning to have a fast escape fro mthe lift…u can forget about it la . keke oh for the value of your stamps, you can get the latest catalogue book to check the price 😀

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