V day

Love is in the air. It’s Valentine’s Day today. Today shall be the day to express your love to your love ones.

But to me, Valentine day is nothing but one of the 365 days of a year and the day where capitalist cheats people’s money. Roses are at exorbitant price, restaurants makes up lovely dovey menu names such as lover’s meal at an outrages price.

However, Valentine’s Day brought me many sweet memories. Well, I guess the most memorable V Day for me was in 1998. It wasn’t a memorable Valentine’s dinner but a Bachelor’s night out. Since we were all single, available but not desperate, my all male friends and I drowned ourselves with alcohol at a now defunct pub. As expected, by the end of the night, we vomited by the street while heading back.

And to those single guys out there who doesnt have a date tonight, you can try doing this

Got this from wolfx 😀


6 thoughts on “V day”

  1. happy valentine’s day xes.hmm…went out for lunch with a girl friend. end up getting cock stares from young couples just because we were at the restaurant first and thus served first. what? having lunch with friends on V-day is illegal is it? *hehe*But it’s like any other day like you said…i’ve to work one whole day even.

  2. Its a good day, cause my favourite “tai chow” place is not FULL and service there is quick. Wow! Everybody must be elsewhere in some high class restaurant somewhere, leaving the cheap good stuff less full. Lucky!Although I agree that valentine day is an oppurtunists’ day, its hard to not do something special with your girlfriend/loved one today with that excuse eh?

  3. appy vday fer 😀 hope you got lucky ;D wolfx: yes i agree, some girls believe in V day..and expects you to give them presents on that day.. damn capitalist.jasmine: yeah but they should have more pics !! 😀

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