Valentine’s Day Dedication

From: L
To: M
Thank you for the great times we had.
Song: Leann Rimes – How Do I Live Without You (

From weichen
To: Mindy
Happy Valentine’s Day
Song: Savage Garden – Truly Madly Deeply (

From: piffles
thanks for making me laugh like hell
Song: TU AMOR – RBD (

From: sarahian
To: Ian

To Ian,
This song reminds me the “1997-you” who was one finger shorter than me, and those were the good days we had, and we’re having the better one, so the best is yet to come.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Song: Puff Daddy – I’ll Be Missing You (

From: Lai
To: Cicak
no worries, will bite harder
Song: Francoise Hardy – Ce Petit Coeur (

From: sam
To: Don
Baby! Happy V’day!! this is a public message, so I’ll keep it short. I love youuuuuu soooooo mucchhhhhh! I’m so happy you’re well and kicking, so we can go to bangkok and eat and shop ourselves silly. You’re simply amazing, and your smile warms my heart every single time. I love you. ‘how short was that!? HEE HEE

From: Lynnzter
To: ben onkey
Be my Valentine forever. I love you
Song: Bryan Adams – I’ll Always Be Right There (

This is the song u wanted me to play for you on your birthday with the piano, but plan kinda failed and I cant play the piano no mores.. soorry yeah but im making it up to you by dedicating this song to you bi.. And thanks for taking care of me during the time i was drunk at Maison’s and all the other bad stuff I did… sorry for puffin off like a chimney and drinking like a fish and gettin drunk.. sorry for all the bad stuff i said WHILE I was drunk, if I did say anything bad la.. lol..

Song: Daniel Powter – Bad Day (

From: MTO
Still thinking of you everyday… Happy Valentines Day!
Song: Tony Rich – Nobody Knows (

From: Ggming
To: xes
Song: Notorious MSG – Dim Sum Girl (

From: SmallLynn
To xes
Song: Barney – I love you, you love me (

From: bimbobum
To: My secret crush
will you say yes if i asked you out?
Song: Lauryn Hill – Can’t take my eyes off of you (

From: ZhuZhu
To: Ryan and Edmund
Ryan: thanks for showing me what is love and hope more love will come your way
Edmund: very glad to know you and thanks for sharing the moment, keep ’em coming

Song: David Tao & Jolin Tsai – Marry Me (

From: ping & xes
To: All single Summit Climbers & Posers
Song: Valentine’s Day Pains (
From: xes
To: All the single and lonely women out there.
Song: John Lennon – Woman (

From: xes
To: All the single and lonely men out there
Song: Bob Marley – No Woman No Cry (

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

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