Weekend since Graduation
Not a bad weekend to start out with since i got back from my convocation in Melbourne. Friday i was down at Atmosphere with Crist and Jia Nee. Bumped into Johnson and some of my other Melbourne friends there. As usual the bouncers were on us again regarding our pouring of powder on the floor. Personally i don’t see what’s the fuss is all about. It’s not that slippery till people could fall flat on their face! The night started out slow with slow tunes but ended with nice enjoyable hard tunes. Met some new shufflers there as well.

The music here are pretty much on the slowler beat. Mostly Tribal and Progressive. Never do they actually play Hard NRG tunes here! 🙁 Most they’ll go into Hard house or Hard Trance. Miss the beats in Hard Kandy and Bass Station. Can find it here in Discos like Warp. Have to mind the Canto lyrics though. Si Beh Song ah Si Beh Song ah Si Beh Song ah! OH MY GOD! The AGONY! *faints*

Stressful Decisions
I have to make my decision on wether to get my ass back to Melbourne and apply for a PR (Permanent Residency) or stay put here in Malaysia and look for a job very soon. Preferably after the 28th of this month i have to come to a conclusion. If i’ve to head back to Melbourne, i have to find a new and affordable place to stay as my lease on my St Kilda Apartment will be expiring in February. Besides, my house mates, Sau Yan and Julian, will be looking for their on pad as well. What’s stressful is not looking for a new place but having to find a part time job for the mean time to support myself with everything, that’s stressful. Cause my dad isn’t gonna continue giving me money eventhough i’m waiting for my PR application to pull through. To kill it off, there’s absolutely zero contacts i have on the work department that i wish to find a job with. I’m aiming to work in departments such as Advertising, Marketing or Events.

But if i stay put here in Malaysia, i already have a place to stay (not like my parents would be so cruel and kick me out of the house already!) and have some important contacts regarding the job line i want to work in. I wouldn’t say alot, but sufficient to start my working life with. I know it’s better to start on scratch with everything which would, in the end, help built a better character out of me. I do love Melbourne life although i complain about it ample amount of times. It’s just the studying! REALLY! Probably the job will too in the near future. Life there is so much slower compared to life here. You either, chill out in some cafe, catch a movie, shop early, eat, or just plain stone infront of the computer. The raves there are teh best though! 🙂

Parents are already giving me pressure on deciding so i better start thinking about it seriously. They prefer me to stay back though although the decision is completely up to me. Getting so used to the life back in Malaysia already anyway. Must say i’m leaning closer to being at home……….we’ll see how eh