well danced

Alex was involved in the Ballroom dancing competition at Octogon Centre today. We went to cheer him.

Just like last year, the competition is between universities, namely Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, University of London, Bath and Imperial College. It has various dances such as jive, waltz, samba and cha-cha. The competition lasted from morning till 12AM.

It was really interesting as the dances and music were better this year. Last year was pretty dull due to the fact that they play the same song for more than 2 times. This year, they made the dancing time and music shorter.

Shane and I were bedazzled by one of the dancers from Bristol University. She has a perfectly voluptuous body with the face of the angel! We loved it when she dances. She smiles, frowns and made other beautiful face expressions when she dances. It was incredibly sexy! Better than Liz Hurley I say. I took plenty of her pictures. h0h0.

We headed home for dinner at 7PM and came back at 10PM. 182 (the number that was pinned on her partner) were the main reason why Shane and I headed back to the Octogan Centre.
Unfortunately, there weren’t many good-looking girls. Number 182 and couple of girls are worth looking at. However, the competition was great as the dancers performed gracefully. Well worth my 5 pounds (the entrance fee). Well danced.

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